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Kerri Sweets

Another great gallery of Kerri Sweets. Kerri is a petite teen with a beautiful smile, bedroom eyes, and one hell of a hard body. In this gallery Kerri is posing in various sexy positions on her bed. She teases us by pretending to taking off her bra. Then she bends over and shows us her tight teen ass. And if there is anything Kerri Sweets has that is absolutely amazing it is her nice round ass. The panties that she has on really highlight her young sensual curves. And before I forget Kerri Sweets also have very perky tits that are delicious. The kind of tits you just want to cup your hands around and lick on till the nipples get hard. If you like this gallery you should check your the official Kerri Sweets posing in sexy nightgown on her bed

You guys know how much I love Kari Sweets! I don’t need to tell you how sweet and sexy this girl is, but I will anyhow. Keri Sweets has a rock hard body and everything is perfect – her tits are firm and full, her legs are incredible, her ass is heavenly. And Keri has the cutest face and most disarming smile I’ve ever seen – and that is saying a lot. Every time I post pictures of Keri I have to take care of business if you know what I mean. If you think this pic of Keri in her sexy yellow panties is hot, you should see site where she takes them off. Warning, before you do check out her site – make sure to be stocked up on lube and tissues!

I can never get enough of Keri Sweets. I think Keri has been working out a lot because she just keeps getting hotter and hotter. She has one amazing body, a charming smile, beautiful brown eyes. She also has one of the best tight round asses that I’ve ever seen on any teen model. Her tits are very nice too, the perfect size to grab in your hands. She looks absolutely great topless and she looks even better fully nude – but you need to join her site to see that. I did and it was worth every penny to see this amazing girl completely naked. There is a photo set where she is dressed up as a school girl that is fantastic! A word of warning: if you join her site make sure and stock up on tissues and lube – you will need it.

I’ve decided that Kari Sweets isn’t really a girl. She’s an alien from outer space sent to drive men absolutely fucking crazy. She is too perfect to be a real. Kari looks great from any angle: you look at her tits and you think, why don’t all girls have tits like this? You look at her cute face, and think why don’t all girls look this cute? You look at her plump round ass and think, why don’t all girls have a ass like that? You look at her firm body, and think why aren’t all girls this amazingly hot? Take the free tour of her site and tell me I’m wrong! Even if she is a space alien I’d still fuck the hell out of this cute little teen – it would be worth the risk and then some. And believe me, these free pics are nothing compared to what she has in her site!