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Kelli Young

I have another great gallery of Kelli Young.

Kelli young will always be on of my favorite girls. She has nice round tits and a really firm ass. I love Kelli Young’s great ass and she sure knows how to show it off. Her tits aren’t huge, but they are nice sized and they are natural. But the best think about Kelli Young is how beautiful she is. I love her smiling face.

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MMMMMM, Kelli Young – what a hot little teen. Kelli Young has great body and she has this smart sexy thing going on. She looks like an honors girl in high school. Or a freshman coed at Yale. In public she probably acts all prissy and proper, but we know better than that. Kelly loves to show her large natural tits for the camera and in most of her pictures she is bending over showing off her firm teen ass. I live Kelli Young’s ass! It’s a beautiful work of art. When Kelli young is bending over for the camera I bet she is thinking about a big hard cock being shoved in her sweet teen pussy. You know behind that cute proper exterior hides a horny and frisky young girl! If Kelli Young turns you on like she does me, make sure and check out her site. There are a lot more pictures of her getting naughty and stripping off her clothes.

It’s been a little while since we have seen Kelli Young. Damn I really like this girl. I think I’d have to give Kelli Young the best teen ass of the year award. Luscious, firm, round, and tight – yummy! The great think about Kelli though is she is absolutely beautiful. A darling smile and beautiful face. She is just charming. And when she takes off her clothes she is stellar! I love the red panties she has on it this these pictures. – they would look even better around her ankles. 🙂 I’d love to grab Kelli by those sweet piggy tails and bend her over that sofa, smack that ass, and pull those panties right off her. If this is your idea of a good time, then I’d highly recommend that you check out her site and have a look at the free tour.

Kelli Young has the best ass on the net. Look at her suck that lollypop, you know what she really wants to be licking on! You know this teen can suck a cock like a pro. I hear that Kelli has one hell of an oral fetish. This teen is so hot I’d drink her bath water. Well, I’d drink her bath water only if I could jump in the tub with her and soap up her firm breasts and rub my hands all over her tight teen body.

—Kelli is too old and no longer being updated. But there are plenty of other gorgeous teens around.