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Karen Dreams

Karen Dreams Taking off Her dress

New galleries of Karen Dreams are out. Karen is an old favorite who has appeared on this site several times in the past. She mostly does non-nude, but she does show enough skin to keep everyone interested. Most of the non-nude girls bore the shit out of me, but there is something I like about Karen. She markets herself as the Girl Next Door — whatever the hell that means. I’ve come to the conclusion that every web girl claims to be the Girl Next Door. They might as well just claim to be “other”. I even searched around on the web looking for an “official” definition. What I found was that everyone has a different fucking opinion. So I guess the Girl Next Door can be anything you want her to be.

Well, if Karen Dreams can be anything I want her to be, I’d make her a sex starved nympho that has 100s of super sexy friends. That would be a good start!


Karen Dreams big tits

I stopped by the Karen Dreams site today and was I ever pleasantly surprised – Karen got a new set of big round boobs! Karen has a rocking tight teen body and now with the new big tits she looks absolutely stellar. Personally when a lot of girls get boob jobs they tend to go gonzo and make their tits too big. I’m glad Karen Dreams didn’t do that – her new big firm tits are just perfect. I also notice that Karen is starting to reveal a lot more skin in her site. It’s probably because she wants to show off her new big teen tits.

Gallery Link: Karen Dreams girl next door gets undressed.

Have a look at this great gallery of Karen Dreams taking off her low rider jeans. I don’t know about you, but I think there is something really hot about a girl who nicely fills out a pair of jeans! Karen Dreams look really hot taking them off – especially when they are half way off and we can see the top half of her butt. And the pic of her laying on the bed in her panties is even better. She definitely has a great firm round butt. Karen Dreams isn’t called Karen Dreams for nothing – she is the girl you dream about. She is also a girl I love to jerk off to. Every time I see a new picture of Karen I’m always amazed at her luscious body. Make sure and check out Karen Dream’s site and have look at the free pictures in her tour.

I don’t know about you guys, but I just can’t get enough of Karen Dreams. Check out these galleries with the wind blowing her skirt up – wouldn’t you love to run your hands up her firm legs and grab that juicy ass? Or help her remover her bra and suck on her tits till her nipples get hard? You know she has a wet teen pussy just waiting for you! This girl has one tight body and she knows how to work it and tease. She has a marvelous firm ass perfect teen tits! Her site is great there are tons of sexy pictures, and lots of videos, and she really knows how to keep you happy. Do yourself a favor and check out her great site.

Holly shit are these some fantastic pics of Karen Dreams. She is so incredibly fuckable. I’d love to run my tongue over every square inch of her tight teen body and lick her tight pussy? Man wouldn’t you love to slip off her top and grab those round breasts, then pull down her panties, smack that tight ass, bend her over and fuck the hell out of her? Karen can drive any man wild with that killer body! I just can’t get over her tight stomach and I can’t stop starring at her perky tits and sexy ass. What a sweet pussy she must have. Check out her free tour so you can see all the pics and vids of this stunning beauty – Karen is definitely worth it!