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Emily 18

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Oh what girls learn when they grow up going to boarding school. They learn their letters, and how to live with other girls, and they learn all the best ways to get away with the most wicked things without anyone finding out. It is a skill they use when they get free; they really let loose with all the things they dreamed about doing when they were still in the school.

Emily might only be 18 years old, but she knows she’s had enough of being the nice little girl in the boarding school. Anything she can do to get a thrill or to get people to see how sexy and nasty she can be is fair game. In this case, she gets caught trying to make a quick little salad for something to eat, and gets a bit…distracted. It’s a good thing that we get to benefit from her distraction, because we get to see her show off her cute little tits and ass while she cavorts across the table.

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It’s amazing how many girls are getting out of the house earlier and earlier. As soon as they can get out there they have no problems going, especially when they know they can take advantage of their amazing bodies so that they can make their way. They aren’t ashamed that people like watching them, and giving everyone a chance to watch them at a moment’s notice.

This barely legal teen really enjoyed the idea that we could capture a candid look at her in place, but once the camera started clicking, she just had too much fun with the idea that she could tease us silly with glimpses of her hot body. It’s probably all for the best that she held out until she was in the bathroom before she started turning up the heat. Once she started teasing with glimpses of her shapely breasts, and her shaved pussy, we were sorely tempted to make quite a mess!

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Emily 18 Gallery

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Emily 18 Gallery

Yes, yes, she really is 18! She is 100% legal and her records are on file. So relax and take a good long look. Her name is Emily 18 and she is a very natural beauty. Her looks aren’t stunning at least not at first. She is the kind of girl that blends in and doesn’t really show off. She is a little quite and soft spoken, but definitely not shy.

It’s when Emily 18 starts to take off her clothes that you discover that she is quite amazing. Her very youthful body has tight curves in all the right places. She doesn’t fuck with her hair color and she doesn’t have fake tits. Her natural teen tits are very nice tho – perky, round, and good sized. Her hair is long an flowing and quite beautiful.

Emily 18 has a very youthful face that really grows on you. She is super cute and the more you look at her the more attractive you realize that she is. She has a very warm and real smile that she could use to get anything she wanted from you.

Emily 18 would be the perfect girl for a guy to have his first sexual experience with. An if it’s too late for than you can always pretend. 🙂

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Emily 18 Gallery

It’s been a while since Emily 18 has been on this site. Emily18 started her website when she was just 18years old, but that was a few years ago. She still has her barely legal teen looks and is still just as cute as ever.

Emily 18’s small perky boobs look as delicious as ever and I’m glad she is still cranking out innocent teen pics.

I think this picture was taken in Emily18’s bedroom. I think we caught this barely legal teen while she was getting dressed. I love candid teen pics like this, they are much more exciting that cold studio pics.

Emily has a cute smile with a little smirk that says, “I’m an innocent teen, but not THAT innocent!” She is a beautiful girl in her own unique way!

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Now this is the kind of girl you take home to mommy, right after you pull her panties off and fuck her tight little pussy. Emily is a beautiful brunette with playful eyes that you could look into for hours while you lick her firm teen breasts. I’d bet dollars to donuts that Emily 18 warms up as fast as a microwave and gets wet just by whispering dirty things in her ear. Wouldn’t you just love to stick you hands down her panties and feel that warm and wet twat? And something tells me she has an ultra clean pussy that just begs for your tongue.

–Emily is too old and no longer being updated. Plenty of other sexy teens though!