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Banana Brandi

Banana Brandi taking of panties

Good news, good news: Banna Brandi is now going completely nude! Inside of her site there are now pictures of her tight virginal pussy. The only thing sexier is the videos of this girl taking it all off. She is a natural tease, but she does deliver.

Banna Brandi is a very innocent (looking) sexy girl with metric ass load of very revealing outfits. At Banna Brandi’s site she writes in a personal blog and she talks about how she got excited and wet the first time she took off all her clothes for the camera. It’s a good read. If you join her site you can make requests for what she wears for photo shoots or maybe I should say, what she takes off.

Banna Brandi has a sensual beauty that grows on you. The more you look at her body the more sexy you realize she is. Her ass is beautifully round and you just want to grab a hold of it. She has very nice sized natural tits that are begging for you to play with and suck on. And her nipples always look hard. Don’t you just love hard nipples? Nipples that are aching for you to flick with your tongue. Banna Brandi is ripe and sexy!!

Banana Brandi tit

It’s been a while a little while since Banna Brandi has graced this website. I think Banna Brandis best feature is her face. She has a very beautiful look that I think will only get better with age. Considering she is eighteen years old now and perfect.

Banana Brandi has curves in all the right places and her bare breasts are very, very nice. In most of her photo shoots she shows off her bare breasts and she usually wears underwear that is just about see through. From what I understand she just did a video for her site where she spreads her legs for the camera. I’ll have to look into that and report back to you guys and girls. I sure would like to get a view of her beautiful teen pussy.

Inside Banna Brandi’s site she keeps a personal blog where you can read all about her life and photo shoots and interact with her. It’s kinda cool, but not as cool as seeing her bare breasts or watching a video of her spreading her legs and revealing her tight teen pussy. Enjoy the free Banna Brandi gallery.

Banana Brandi topless in panties

I just found this great picture of Banana Brandi in see-through black panties that I think is totally hot. Banana Brandi is such a little cutie. She has great really nice teen tits and great nipples don’t you think? I love how Banana Brandi’s black panties match the color of her hair – it’s a very sexy look. Look closely at the large picture because those panties are basically see-through and you can see her dark pubic hair.

One of the things I love about Banana Brandi is how she is such a great combination of cute and sexy. She sure as hell has the cute and innocent look down, but if you look at the smirk on her face or the glimmer in her eye you get the impression that she is a horny little girl with a wet pussy. You have to wonder why she is named “Banana” Brandi – I have a good idea of what she likes to do with those Bananas. 🙂

Banana Brandi taking off bra

Banana Brandi is looking cute as hell, as usual. This is a great shot of her topless and stripping out of her clothes. Banana Brandi has this really neat thing going on – if you join her site you can ask her to wear specific clothes. And then see her take ’em off. That is kind of cool. Banana Brandi is also have a private blog that you can read. One thing about Banana Brandi is that she really is 18 and she definitely looks it. It is going to be great to watch Banana Brandi over the years to see how she matures. All I can say is that she is Damn Cute. And I’ve made a Banana Brandi section at dream8teen. Enjoy the pictures.

Banana Brandi Naked

Hey guys and gals, I have a brand new girl for Dream8teen: Banana Brandi. She is a really cute and sexy young girl. I’m guessing Banana Brandi was waiting for the day she turned 18 so she could strip nude in front of the camera. These pictures of her can not have been taken much past her 18th birthday. Banana Brandi definitely looks young and fresh. Everything about Banana Brandi is cute – she has cute little perky tits, a cute smile, and a cute teen ass. If you are a fan of young cuties, you will defiantly find Banana Brandi to your liking. Expect to see more pics of Banana Brandi in future posts.