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Abigail 18


Here are some interesting stats: Every day 234,833 girls turn 18 on planet earth. 1/3 of these girls will start their own website and take off their clothes. Half of these girls will claim to be virgins, but only 2 of them will be. It’s my job dear reader to sort through all this crap and bring you just the best girls and let you know when they are full of shit.

Abigail 18 is not a virgin, she claims to have had sex with only one guy. With Abigail 18 this is probably true. In todays world that is about as close to virgin as you can get – unless you live in a community of Muslim fundamentalists.

I really enjoy checking out Abigail 18 Galleries because this girl has qualities that so many girls no longer have – she is innocent and nice. Now most of these teen girls PRETEND to be innocent and nice, but it’s all BS.

I’m not always right, I was once wrong, but with Abigail 18 I’m fairly certain that what you see is what you get: a shy girl that is slowly exploring her sexuality. She is a little nervous and a little unpolished and that is unique. Why would Abigail 18 start her own website and take off her clothes for everyone on the internet? I’m not sure, and I’m still trying to figure that one out. If I had to guess, I’d say she wanted to do something brave and adventurous because she has always been a shy girl.

Well, Abigail 18 you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work and keep sending us those Abigail 18 Galleries: because we love them!!!

It’s time to check in on Abigail 18.

Abigail 18 isn’t brand new, but she is still fairly new to the web. I’ll have to find out when her birthday is because she may no longer be eighteen. When she first started off Abigail was a little shy and she said she was a little nervous. But after several photo shoots it looks like Abigail 18 is warming up to her being in the spotlight. She is getting more frisky and doing more shoots with some girl on girl playing around. If you haven’t noticed, she has a great body and I have the feeling she doesn’t even know how attractive she really is! What I like about Abigail 18 is that she is truly appears to be genuinely sweet and innocent. Other girls put on that act, but with Abigail I don’t think it is an act at all. She is just what she claims to be: a young fully nude sweetheart.

The more pictures I see of Abigail 18 the more I fall in love with this beautiful brunette. The clothes she wears for he photo shoots don’t look like slutty costumes – I have a strong feeling it’s the exact clothing she wears every day. It’s like she didn’t put any thought into trying to be all dolled up or into trying to be sexy. What you see is what you get – and I love what I see.

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a gallery of Abigail 18 and let me say, I forgot how sexy this brunette girl is. There is something classy about a completely nude brunette with a tight body. Abigail 18’s pics are all nude! This girl is no tease. Abigail 18 just graduated from high school and she is trying to figure out where to go to college. This is her first site and she seems to be a natural at taking it all off. I wonder if she will actually go to college or maybe she will just go further in porn. Only time will tell. We will support her decision either way.

In this photo shoot Abigial 18 and one of her best friends get naked and play with each other. As if one completely naked eighteen year old isn’t hot enough!!!

Abigail 18 is just the kind of girl we like here at Dream 18: young, cute, sexy, and willing to take it all off. Perfect! Enjoy the pictures!

Brand new sexy girl Abigail 18 for today. Abigail 18 is as you guessed it 18 years old and she is definitely not shy about taking it all off. All of Abigail 18’s shots are completely nude. I’ll have to give Abigail 18 a permanent category on dream eighteen because I fully well plan on posting a lot more of this girl.

Abigail 18 is just the kind of girl we like here at Dream 18: young, cute, sexy, and willing to take it all off. Perfect! Enjoy the pictures!