Britney shows off her rainbow


Some of the girls we get just seem like they bring the sun in with them. There is a brightness about them that you just can’t suppress, and if you try you’re going to end up with horrible pictures as a result. It’s better to just go along with that sun they carry with them, because these sunny girls are also usually bubbly, exhibitionist, fun-loving types that if you let them do what they want will be happy to give you pictures that will practically melt your camera with their heat.

Britney S showed up bringing the sun with her, so we figured why not give her a rainbow to match? It looks like the bright colors were made just for her, and she just made them even brighter with her smile and her enthusiasm. Her trim body and perfect breasts made that bead necklace the object of envy of all of us, but no more than when she showed off her neatly shaved pussy. Those beads ended up being her favorite part of the whole outfit, as she showed us. Even with that splash of color though it just couldn’t compete with her natural sunny nature, there’s no point trying to suppress it at all, especially when you see how much pleasure she gets in everything she does.

See her free image gallery HERE

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