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sara luv

Sun, surf, and beautiful women, all the things you think of when you head out for a nice little vacation out to the beach, right? You just want to lounge in the sun and watch all the girls walk by in their skimpy bikinis and tight little underthings. The only thing that might be better is if you could find a nice island girl who’s uninhibited, and knows a nice secluded place where you can head off and feel what it’s like to have sex in the sun, with the water splashing off your body as you have a hot girl on you.

Sara Luv practically specializes in making that particular fantasy come true for the guys she likes. This sweet, trim, utterly hot island girl has these lovely private secluded pools where she takes her boy toys when she wants a little nude frolic in the sun. In this case, it looks like she found a boy in bad need of this time in the sun, because he looks like the sun might ignite him if he spends too much time there. That doesn’t matter to Sara though once the clothes come off and he finds a nice warm, wet place for his cock between her thighs. She takes to the water like a fish, and shows him all the positions that make water sex oh so fun in the sun.

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nicole posing

Everyone needs a little bit of private time now and again, even when they are with someone they can’t keep their hands off. Anyone who thinks that they should never spend some time with some solo fun once they are with someone is rather missing the point. It’s an indulgence, and a way of getting yourself centered with all the things that you love to feel, experience and pamper yourself with. Some girls seem to lose track of the importance of that, so we take the opportunity and remind them whenever we can, even if their “private time” ends up in front of the lens.

Nicole Noro usually loves playing with her man, whether it’s on camera or off, it’s kind of an exhibitionist thing for her. It was actually fun to convince her that yes, we just wanted her hot little body on the camera, all alone, all while she plays with herself and shows us what gets her off. Of course, with a spectacular body with her, we can’t say our motivations were purely selfless. When her breathing gets harder from her moans of pleasure her perfect breasts move in such a hot way, and you haven’t seen anything until you see the look on her face when she finally slips her fingers into her hot, tight little pussy.

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angie nipple

Some places are so beautiful, so picturesque, that you really don’t think you can add to them. Of course, some girls are like that too. There is something so perfect about them, that there is no way you can set up a scene that will make them any hotter then if they just stood in a hallway and took off their clothes while you watched. Of course, we strive to do a bit better than that, but there is also that element of chance, and when chance and opportunity come by to give you the opportunity for a perfect shot, you have to take it.

We weren’t expecting to stop with Angie, we had no intentions of shooting on the beach, but when you find a nice private beach with the perfect lighting, and the girl you’re with already has the look that begs for wind, you well, you stop. Angie looks amazing against the ocean, and this hot, petite beauty just looks like a point of smoldering fire against the dark water of the ocean behind her. She didn’t really need anything else really, just the sand, the water, and her perfectly pale skin, and we had the perfect shoot, enough that we just knew we might as well never go back there again, because it would be impossible to capture that combination again.

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clean pussy

There’s something extra naughty about the idea that we get a glimpse of someone doing something…private. Even if we know they are showing off for us, even if we know they love it when we watch, there are certain things that just seem smoking hot, not just because of the girl, but because it’s easy to imagine that we are catching them doing something that we normally don’t get to see, something personal, and something hidden. It’s that thrill of thinking we get to see something others don’t.

That’s part of the reason that we love it when we get cute girls like this one to show us how they like to show off and play in the bath and shower. This particular lovely girl told us that she rarely just gets clean in the shower, most of the time it’s a way for her to take a bit of time for herself, and her routine usually involves getting off at least once or twice using the girls’ best friend, the detachable shower head. When she asked if we wanted to watch, we sure as hell weren’t going to say no! Few things are hotter than seeing a soft-skinned girl with water dripping down every inch of their body, after all.

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Oral and Anal sex. Doesn’t get any better than this. wicked little schoolgirl

We all have those naughty little fantasies, now don’t we. Some of them just seem like they are common no matter where you go for guys. We love the thought of the naughty Nurse, or Librarian, or Schoolgirl, or even a nice wicked babysitter that just loves to receive their payment in ‘alternate’ ways. Well, a lot of girls just adore those fantasies too, because it lets them bring out their mischievous side. Well, plus they know they can get us practically on our hands and knees begging for them if they come out wearing the right outfit and the right words from their lips.

This particularly wicked little schoolgirl has an even naughtier fetish and fantasy in mind, because she has a favorite toy that she just loves inside her. Of course, just a wink and a word is enough to get her boy toy playing along, and wouldn’t you? While she warms his nice, hard cock up with her mouth, he warms her up by stuffing her tight, cute little ass with a nicer plug. She needs to get him covered and soaking wet though, because it’s not just the plug that’s going up her backside! He sure doesn’t last long inside her, but then, if you had such an eager schoolgirl bending over and begging for you to fuck her in the ass, we think you wouldn’t last long either!

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18 year old blonde

Some women out there are so sweet, sultry, and sexy, and they just don’t know it They hide it because they think they need to act “properly” all while they don’t realize that they leave a trail of boys and girls in their wake practically melting just from the heat they subconsciously put out. They get even hotter when they finally let go and they decide to let a bit of their heat out for everyone to see it. If you’re lucky you will be around to see it, and if we are extremely lucky, we can get them in front of a camera and share them with everyone.

Ella has the sweetest personality and the most unassuming nature, but she has a body and an aura that gets you hard just from how she moves when she walks past you. In front of the camera, we really thought she might be reluctant to show us everything, but she was more than willing to follow our instructions. Piece by piece she revealed her perfect petite body, and at every step it looked like she wanted an excuse to stop, but we didn’t give her one. We just tried to capture her heat as best we could, but even pictures don’t do this amazing teen justice.

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brunette teen video

When we find the shy, reserved girls that want to get in front of the camera, we try to be a little bit careful when we finally do get them in front of the lens. We’ve found that they tend to go two ways, either we unlock a hot, sultry, sexy woman, or they retreat completely when they see the first flash and hear that camera shutter. It’s worth the wait though, because those girls that let go turn into the hottest, sexiest, most intense women that practically melt the lens. It’s a stroke of luck when you find a girl like that, because you know they will give you so many sizzling scenes.

When we met this girl, who likes to be called Lollypop, she looked like she was going to fold in on herself at the first glimpse of a camera, and a naked guy. This brunette beauty was so reserved; little did we know that she was utterly insatiable beneath that shy surface. When we introduced her to her boy toy for the scene, she looked like she was going to squirm her way right out of her pants, but we soon realized that’s because she was so hot, not because she was shy. He could barely keep up with her, and her tight body with her perky breasts and shaved, tight pussy had him on the edge way too many times before she was finally done with him, and let him cum.

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