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All posts in December, 2012

What’s better then seeing a hot girl giving another massage? Well, it’s better when that massage is just a pretense to get that hot girl tied down, stretched out, fondled, probed, fingered and played with by making them helpless with a bit of rope and bondage. Some of the girls can’t wait to get their hands on each other, and the rope and bondage gets them soaking wet, as they end up exposed and their little clit and tits played with until they can’t help it and they lose control.

Ami knew that she was getting quite the unique massage from Rayne, but she didn’t realize what a ‘special’ massage she was going to get until she saw the flogger come out. She certainly didn’t object, and seeing her ass raise for the first few light strokes showed us what an eager little bondage bottom she is. The two just went on and played from there, as we see Ami get tied into positional bondage with her ass up and pussy exposed, the perfect position for Rayne to show off her skills in pleasuring her little pussy. Ami thought it was over when she was flipped onto her back, but Rayne still had some nice, special treatments in store for her.

Watch playtime HERE. Bondage and spanking involved

I bet you just wish you had the houseguests that we get here. We seem to get the sexiest, most uninhibited teen girls practically begging for their chance to stay over and show off their tight young bodies. Forget the shy girls, we may love coaxing their sexy nature out of them, but the bold girls, who know exactly what they are going to show us and what we can get away with are the ones that get our motors running. I suppose that just make us lucky as hell then, because we never get a guest that isn’t willing to show us how much they appreciate the visit.

Zoe arrived and told us she was going to head up and get changed and comfortable, since she’d travelled so far to get here. When she came back down though, we had to choose between grabbing our cameras, and grabbing ourselves with a hot, sexy outfit she showed off. She told us she was comfortable, and wanted to show her appreciation for staying. She teased the hell out of us with her trim, tight little body, with her perfectly perky breasts and shaved little pussy, even as she stripped down to her stockings. Then she showed us how flexible she really is, and man, it really took all of our willpower to keep going with the photo shoot!

Click here for the photo shoot

Why is it that it seems like the sweetest girls hide the most wickedly teasing girls beneath the surface? So many of them love to look like they couldn’t hurt a fly, but they’ll do everything to make your cock hard and giggle as they see you trying to deal with the results of their teasing. We put up with it though, because we just love what these sweet girls do to us when they finally do decide that they want to pull us aside and show us the real reasons they drive us crazy. The teasing will pay off eventually, you know it will, but until then you have to watch and ‘suffer’ as these wickedly nice girls drive us crazy.

Momoko definitely has the innocent little girl look down pat, and when she shows up in her favorite sundress it’s pretty easy to overlook her. You might even think you imagined it when she flashes her cute tits with her perky little nipples. The glimpse at her panties though? That’s hard to ignore, and she’s definitely hard to ignore when this hot girl starts rubbing her shaved pussy. This time she even brought along her favorite vibrating toy. We get to watch that red vibe slide deep into her tight young pussy and her teasing becomes moaning, and her wetness coats the toy. This is one tight little woman though, as she shows by holding onto the vibe as deep as she can just with her pussy.

Watch Momoko play with her toys HERE