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All posts in October, 2012

We may be rolling into winter, with dismal days, and gloomy weather, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t go without a little something to brighten our lives. Sometimes we find a sweet, hot nympho girl that just seems to carry the sun everywhere they go, because considering how hot they are, you can’t help it when they warm you up. These are the girls that may want you to think they are innocent at first, but once you see into their young minds, you’ll be surprised at the nasty girl lying underneath.

red-headed teen in suspenders

Vika wanted to take advantage of one of the last sunny days of the year, and knew a nice little farm where she could hang around, get a little sun on her skin and show off a bit. I’m sure she ‘intended’ that things only be a little tease, and to give us an innocent show, but this horny little girl just can’t keep her hands off herself once she gets warmed up. The farmer girl look didn’t last long, especially when she stripped down and showed off her perfectly perky breasts and shaved little teenie twat. She wanted to be naked as quickly as we wanted her naked, that way her fingers could explore her hot little hole, with the warm sun heating her up even faster. This turned from a strip-tease into a summer hot masturbation session, and this girl really knows how to show us how much she enjoys it when she cums.

It’s amazing how girls these days learn how to be wicked little teases at the earliest ages. It’s like they save up all the things they see until they can be free to show off to everyone what their naughty bodies have in store for the lucky boys and girls that have that patience to wait for them. They don’t have any problems showing off their hot young bodies, and considering how everyone likes their teen girls shaven, slick and hot, these teases know what they do with just a flash here and there.

It’s like when we get a peek into hot teen Spencer’s world, she knows that the boys and girls drool over their chance to get a glimpse of her cute teen tits and her shaved little pussy. She isn’t about to give you everything right away, she has outfits like this amazing powder blue see-through lingerie so that she can drive you absolutely nuts with what is beneath. She’s not completely wicked though, she loves showing as much as she loves teasing, and the more she thinks about how people get turned on by her young body, the hotter she gets!

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