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All posts in July, 2012

puffy nipple teen

Why would you want to wake up to a dull, grey, overcast day, when you can find a girl that will get you to rise with a look that’s like the sun rising over a hill. Some girls just seem to bring that warmth and heat with them just by being with you. They have a gentle light that they love to show others, and that makes them amazing to see next to you every day.
If you could wake up to Audrey every day, it wouldn’t matter where you were, because this sunny blonde girl has an amazing presence that practically lights up the room. She doesn’t bother with clothes, because she just doesn’t need them when she lounges in bed. With her amazing body, she has perfect breasts and if you get a glimpse of her hot little shaved pussy, you’ll be hers forever.

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beata threesome

Some girls just go looking for trouble wherever they go. They try and find the most wicked, and naughty places where they can find some mischief. For those girls, summer is months of trying to find every corner and place out of the way where they can feel the sun on their body while they get their sweet young holes filled and pounded over and over. They just don’t get satisfied until they feel the sun on their face just before cum hits their skin.

Leave it to Beata to find the only field in miles where they are not actively working, and they have some nice private areas where she and her boy toys can get out to have a nice roll in the hay, almost literally. When she spots this quiet corner, we can’t do anything but follow her as she drags her boys out and tempts them into playing with her sweet young pussy. It doesn’t take much tempting at all, admittedly, because they just can’t get enough of fucking her hard and getting sucked by her talented mouth. She was particularly hot today, because she was almost insatiable, and wasn’t near finished until she had both big boys filling both her pussy and her tight young ass at the same time.

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gloria naked

Certain girls take a bit of time to get warmed up when they want to show off. They think they aren’t sure, they think that it might be too much, they think they will show too much. Then you get them to tease out of one piece, and another, and they show off how sultry and sexy they can be. They only really hit their stride when they are fully nude, they can feel the air caress their skin, and they can see how their nude body affects everyone around them.

When Gloria first agreed to her photo shoot, we didn’t know just how far she would go. She seemed so shy and so reserved, but she proved that was just how she liked people to see her. We got to see more of that mischievous nature come out as the clothes came off and she teased us with glimpses of her young, slender, perfect body. This sweet young thing showed us the heat that simmered beneath the surface, and as she teased us with glimpses of her breasts, and her tight young pussy she drew us in and practically had us begging for more.

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Some girls just seem like they hibernate during the winter, they are just not cold weather people. They love the outdoors too much, they love showing off, and they just can’t do that when they are trapped indoors so much. Once the summer rolls around though, and the sun starts shining, they come out of hiding and start to indulge their love for their time in the sun. For these sun worshippers, almost nothing gets them going as much.


Natasha just couldn’t wait for the summer to roll around, because she loves the kiss of the sun across her cute little body, and when the sun comes out that means she gets to go out and indulge her little exhibitionist streak. So when she decided to lounge outside a bit, and indulge in a nice, slow…soft, sensual exploration of her body under the sunlight we had to follow along and make sure it all got captured. Once Natasha got outside, it didn’t take long before she was in the mood to explore and show off her perfect perky tits, and her little shaved pussy. It was like the more sun caressed her skin, the more turned on she became. Natasha is one sun worshipper that we think needs to be outside as much as possible!

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We love the cute, perky little girls. They are so used to putting out a ton of energy every moment that they become hot little batteries of sexual energy when they let go and decide to put their all into teasing, tempting and driving the boys and girls crazy. These girls get so hot they could practically heat your home all winter, and that’s even before they start taking off their clothes. We love that moment, because that’s when you really see their fun nature come out.

Bianca practically buzzed with energy when we got her in front of the camera, with that tight, toned little body, we had to give her at least a little bit of loose clothing so she had any hope of giving a proper tease. It didn’t take long before she was done with that though and stripped out of her stuff and was flashy her perky breasts. She loved the garters, so they took a little longer, but she loved flashing us her shaved little pussy even more. Once she was nude though she finally relaxed, and let more of her natural energy out, and she showed us just how much fun she had as she revealed her hot young body.

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horny teen girl

You have to be incredibly stunning in order to make it to the Met Art line up of models and Lily C meets that criteria. She is stunning and flawless from the long brown hair at the top of her head to her perfectly pedicured feet. This stunner has both a sexy body and a killer smile but the thing that makes her stand out is the fact that she is not afraid to let loose and have a little fun.

Her playful attitude comes across in her photo shoot as she strikes pose after pose in a tiny white tank top and a pair of short jean shorts complete with a sexy pair of high heels. She takes the term under boobage to the next level as she teasingly raises her hands so her small perky tits can peek from underneath her shirt. She then sits on the stairs and spreads her legs wide open to give us an eyeful of her sweet pussy and the stylish landing strip claiming the middle portion of her peach. The bubbly babe then discards the shorts and shirt and poses for the camera in the nude with just her high heels on.

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busty teen

If this were a movie, it would be called “There Is Something About Inez” and that something would definitely be her massive boobs. I spend my days looking at big tits teen videos but this blew me away. This smiling babe is not just gorgeous but she has a big rack too. It’s a pretty day outside so Inez decides to take a dip in the pool for fun. She has a white top on which she takes it off to reveal a blue bra underneath along with a stripped blue and white bikini bottom. She slowly gets into the warm water and smiles into the camera as she attempts to take her bra off. Her first attempt is unsuccessful as she fidgets with the clasps but soon that bra comes off and her big tits come tumbling out for some sunlight. The busty babe smiles as she uses her arms to push her big tits. They are big but perky with no sagging in sight. They have large dark areolas with small nipples that harden the minute air hits them. With her juicy tatas hanging out, the just legal busty teen proceeds to have some fun in the pool.

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Whomever came up with the saying ‘boys and their toys’ has never actually had a girl come along and show them what kinds of toys they enjoy. When this blonde beauty told us she wanted to bring along her own prop for the shoot, we figured it might be a little vibe, or something she picked up in a novelty store. She showed up and we knew this shoot was going to be a sizzling hot one when she showed us her favorite pair of crotchless panties and the toy that made most of the toys in our collection look like novelties.

This sexy young teen barely needed any teasing before she started to work her toy into her sweet and wet pussy. She told us that she was so looking forward to the shoot she had practically worn the toy out before she ever made it to where we met her. She described to us how she liked the feel of it against her very cute and sensitive nipples. She kept telling us all the things she did with it before our shoot while the photos we took ended up hotter and hotter, and more of this favorite toy disappeared into her sexy young body.

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cute teen tits

With some girls, you have to pick out the scene to maximize their looks, and with other girls, it’s their looks that maximize the scene. There’s something about them that makes where they are more beautiful, it’s like their own sexy nature makes everything around them more sexy. Those girls are fantastic in front of the camera, because they really enhance everything, and no matter what you do, it is as if it is impossible to get a bad shot.

Lovely redheaded babe Hayden was one of those girls, her amazing look just perfectly matched the red ground behind her, and her little purple nighty just played the perfect accent. Taking that little bit of purple off just made things all the better, as her lovely tanned skin popped against the desert background. She was a naughty little desert minx too, as she kept flashing us a little more here, a bit more color with her cute little nipples, a bit of pink as she showed off her shaved pussy. This cute, sweet little redhead was the perfect refreshing drink of water in the middle of the red, hot desert.

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