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As much as we love to see what happens when an eager young man gets to play with a hot, sexy young teen, there’s just something about it that is always rough, intense and they can barely control themselves. It’s so much different when we get two girls that love to tease, toy and touch each other, because they understand how a delicate touch can be so much more enticing and arousing. When we find those girls that want to explore, we can’t do anything but let them have their way.

There was instant chemistry when Jessica and Malena got in front of the camera, they have such amazing bodies, and they were eager for their chance to explore every inch of each other. There’s nothing like seeing soft hands, lips and tongue from one girl teasing and caressing every inch of skin of the other, especially when you get two girls with such perfect bodies. They let things build and build between each other that by the time they even bothered exploring each other’s tight pussies it took only a couple of touches to set them off. It was only the beginning though, because they just had to try out one of their favorite toys on each other, as well.

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There are some girls that we go out and find. Those are the special, hot, sexy girls that just need a little convincing they have hot bodies, and they should show them off. There are other girls that don’t need that kind of encouragement, they’ve always felt the tingle when they show off, or when someone pauses and admires them. When one of those girls approaches us we just know that we’re going to have a handful on our hands once they get in front of the camera.

Brittney sought us out, because she was curious about doing some exhibitionist pictures, but she just didn’t know if it was for her. We let her know that she could go as fast or slow as she wanted, because with a body like hers, we just knew we’d get some great photos either way. Once she stripped down to her top and panties though, it just wasn’t enough for her. She got the taste, and she rode along with the feelings as she exposed more of her spectacular young body. If anything, she was more comfortable in the nude, showing off her perky young breasts and shaved little pussy. We do look forward to her next time though, because if this is where she starts, who knows how far she’ll go.

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There are some amazingly beautiful women out there, and many of them want to be found. They love the attention, they love showing off their bodies, and they just adore the thought that someone will find them and will drool over their amazing body. These girls had to be restrained for so long, and hide things in public for so long, that when they finally discover how much people adore them, they just have to give more and more.

Anastasia is one of our sweet angels, so we just had to give her the wings to prove it. She’s no angel of purity though, and the saucy red wings fit her toned and tight body much more appropriately then any plain ol’ white wings. She decided that she didn’t need anything but her wings, and we had to agree, they were all this fantastic looking girl needed on her body. We don’t know what we have to do to get into heaven, but the way Anastasia showed off every inch of her body, including her perfectly perky little breasts, and her nice cleanly shaved pussy, there is no doubt that we are pretty close to heaven on earth with her.

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So many teen girls hold themselves back, they restrain themselves and keep a cap on their desires for way too long. The teen years are times when they should be exploring, but so many get taught that they need to hold everything back. Luckily there are a few out there that decide that once they turn legal, they will explore everything they have always been told they shouldn’t. These hot young girls soon discover how much fun they can have when they don’t have any restraint at all.

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Don’t let Ingrid’s cute little smile fool you, this wicked little teen discarded the idea of ‘restraint’ almost as soon as she could. She discovered she loved the feel of a boy on her, and inside her, and she told us that she just can’t get enough of them anymore. Luckily we have quite a few pretty boys with nice cocks she can play with. She was quite eager with him, especially when she saw how he reacted when she wrapped her lips around his cock. She got him to fuck her in every position she could think of, until he gave her a nice big load. She said she can’t wait to find out who we find for her next.

So many girls out there that just love to show off their bodies, but they want to make sure that they only give us as much as they want. There are the pleasers, that will do anything, because they love the looks on our faces when we do everything they say, and there are those that know we want them, and will only give us little tastes and samples of what they have to offer. These teasing girls know how badly they can make us want them, and so dole out what we want like rations.

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Melanie definitely knew she had us as soon as we took a look at her pretty blue eyes. She told us we might get what we want, but she wanted us to know that she was the one that was going to give us what she thought we deserved. Once she started flashing her cute little red panties, she knew she had us, and we would agree to pretty much anything. It was so worth it though, especially once she started showing off her pretty little teen breasts, which fit her body perfectly. The tan-lines were practically the best part, since they accented her slight tan perfectly. We didn’t get a glimpse beneath those red panties though, she knew that she had to save those for the future, so we would beg her for more.

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