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All posts in September, 2011

sweet and sexy teen

You have to watch out for some of the wicked little girls out there. They will wrap you around their little finger before you even know it, because they are not shy about using their bodies to tease and get what they want. If you are not careful you will fall to their wiles, which is right where they want you.

This sexy young teen knew that she had us as soon as she told us she wasn’t wearing any underwear under what little clothes she had. She wasn’t about to prove it all at once though, she gave a flip of her pretty, red hair, winked and teased us with glimpses under her shirt. She captured us though when she pulled down her jeans and flashed us her tight and shaved pussy. Her trim body had us enthralled, and we were willing to agree to almost anything when she tempted us by asking if next time we wanted to see what she does when she’s alone.

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hot blonde teen

Some girls are all about the attitude. They know how hot they are, and they are not at all ashamed to let you know it. Of course, they have no shame about their bodies, so they have no compunctions teasing, taunting and letting you know exactly what you won’t be able to get.

This hot little blonde girl just came from a local festival. She managed to get plenty of beads with her teasing. She wasn’t done at all though, because when we found a good place to frame her she let us know that she wasn’t about to do more then give us the same show the festival goers managed to get. Given her amazingly tight body, that was more than enough for us! She found the perfect spot, and when she finally showed us her amazing tits, we understood perfectly why she was such a hit at the carnival.

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teen natasha shy

Even the dirtiest little girl needs to clean herself up from time to time. They may have their comfortable clothes, their favorite beaters that they wear again and again, but even those need to go through the wash. That usually gives them a bit of time to them though, so many put that time to good use.

Natasha may be getting her clothes and her body cleaned up, but once she strips out of them the dirty little girl inside just can’t help but come to the surface. She might originally intend to go straight to the shower, but once she grazes her perfect little shaved pussy and feels the cloth scraping over her nipples the shower just doesn’t seem quite as important anymore. It’s a good thing that she has sturdy countertops, because she decides that she needs a little bit of extra wetness and heat, and there’s only one way to get it. She may not get her entire body clean but she can always clean herself again!

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cute young teen

Some girls get lost when they feel the need sensual feelings going through their body. They can turn out the entire world with the slightest touch, and their bodies respond as though there is no one around them. It gives them a place of no shame, where anything that feels good is done, no matter who can see.

This sexy young teen went into her inside place as soon as she knew that the camera lens was on her. She was ready to touch herself, reveal herself and let herself go, so she did not even have to consider being shy. Her hands travelled over her body and revealed her perfect breasts, but she wasn’t satisfied with that. When she loses herself she has to feel pleasure all over her body, so her panties soon followed so she could play with her shaved pussy. She didn’t come back from her world until she bared all and satisfied her craving for pleasure.

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sweet blonde teen

There are many reasons that a girl will fall enough for a guy to play with them. She may think he’s cute, she may like his personality or his hair, or she might just like his choice of color. It’s not up to us to explain attraction, but when a girl decides she is attracted to a guy she will let him get away with a lot more than anyone else.

In this case, our hot little blonde girl loved his geeky hair, and his geeky outfit, and when he said he loved the color of her Smurfs t-shirt, she was his. He took her and decided to show her just what Smurfette had to go through with her other little blue friends. Her hot body was amazing from her tight little breasts to her shaved pussy, but that wasn’t the only thing she wanted filled.

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sexy schoolgirl

Even the cutest, most confident girls have the little girl deep inside them. They like to get treated like special girls, and showered with little treats and shown that they are special. When they meet someone who can give them a treat they crave they might get it in their minds that they can give them other treats as well.

This little pigtailed brunette wanted to act like a selfish little girl, but her boy knows just the way to get her to calm down. Just a little attention and a gift of her favorite yogurt puts her in a much better frame of mind, since that special treat almost always gets her going. When that happens, she opens herself for all sorts of other attention. When he starts paying attention to her cute little pussy it brings out her demands for another kind of treat, one he is quite happy to give her, from every position, and in every way he can.

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exotic young teen

Sweet Latina girls that love their bodies are a special treat. They have the confidence to show off their hot bodies, and the inner presence that draws the eye almost as effectively as their breasts and ass. When they decide they want to catch your attention, there’s no point in resisting, because they always get what they want.

Abella packs a lot of Cuban spice in a sexy little 5 foot package. Growing up with traditional parent means that she developed not only her body, but her attitude as well. When we asked her not to wear much more than her bra and panties for the shoot, she volunteered even more and stripped down so she could show off her spectacular tits. She loved showing them off and seeing our reactions to them, but I bet she was even more pleased when she saw our reactions when she finally took off her tiny white panties.

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