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All posts in April, 2011

teen ivy

What you get when you let the hottest girls show off their bodies is you find that women from all walks of life will come out of the woodwork as their exhibitionist natures take over. Ladies you would never expect will strip down and bare everything because they love the idea that thousands will see their spectacular bodies. Once they get in front of the camera they quickly become addicted to the feeling, and you end up with the sultriest, sexiest women on display.

Ivy Snow is a sizzling hot girl that not only knows how to show off, but she’ll beat your pants off around the poker table as well. This online poker star’s tattooed and toned body may behind that computer monitor screen stroking herself and getting off as she gets away with all your chips. She keeps all sorts of toys at hand so she can relax away those hours in front of the screen playing hand after hand of poker while her fingers and toys delve into her tight, wet sex. This seasoned; experienced poker guru will beat your pants off, and then let you see how she looks without her pants and how wet she gets when she wins at the table!

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sweet and innocent teen

Some girls manage to make it to their teenage years while staying innocent, guileless and without an untrusting bone in their bodies. They grow up with everyone admiring them and their sweet bodies, so they don’t have any shame in showing themselves off, because they believe that everyone likes to look at them for their own reasons.

When you get a sweet and innocent teenager like this one they are willing to do almost any request. She honestly wanted to please in every possible way, but she still maintained a little bit of a tease. She was quick to take off her top to expose her cute little tan-lines and her shapely breasts, but after that she gave a ‘no-no’ when she went to take off her panties. It didn’t matter though, they way those panties clung to her body she almost had nothing to hide, and she let us know that next time she probably wouldn’t wear the panties anyway!

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innocent young teen

So many young girls grow up loving their bodies, and having no shame in exposing themselves. They are used to the idea of being nude, and want people to admire how hot they’ve become now that they are able to show off their sweet, trim and tight teen bodies. These girls have some idea of what they can do to those watching them, but they stay the sweetest little things.

This innocent young teen was looking for an excuse to take off her clothes almost as soon as she was in private. The sun and breeze was a perfect compliment for her, and she didn’t hesitate to strip out of her clothes as quickly as she could. Her petite body with her cute breasts and shaved pussy was gorgeous, and this sweet little teenager wanted as many people as possible to admire her body.

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hot young teen

When an exhibitionist teenage girl finds the joy that comes from knowing thousands of people will see their hot bodies, they quickly go looking for some of the best sites where they can show off their bodies. If they can find one with a good audience, that will let them play with their bodies and get off while the most number of people see them, they will let go and expose everything they have.

Here on dream8teen we can get those hot, sexy teenagers like this luscious brunette. They get their privacy while we take their photo sets, so they can go at their own pace and get comfortable with their own bodies. This girl started off a tease, but she obviously loved the attention, and she soon started taking off her clothes and letting us see her amazing body. That’s the secret to getting these amazing teenagers to expose their toned bodies, hot breasts and shaved pussies, let them go at their own pace, and you will soon get the happiest, hottest exhibitionists on your hands.

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teen in stockings

A lot of girls have one part of their bodies that they love to focus on. It’s their best feature in their eyes, and they will take every opportunity that they can to bring attention to that one part they love so much. The best part is that these girls often choose a different part as they grow up, especially when they discover their bodies and how much pleasure they can coax from all sorts of places on their bodies.

This cute little pigtailed girl said that she had one particular part of her body that she wanted to make sure everyone got a good ‘taste’ of how much she loved it. She wouldn’t say what it was to begin with, but when she started stripping off her clothing almost immediately it was a pretty good bet she wanted to show off her cute teenage breasts and pussy.

She tossed off her panties almost immediately, but left the dress on, and when her fingers immediately started fingering and spreading her pink little pussy, there stopped being any doubt what part of her body she loved the most. She was all ready wet by the time she stroked herself, and then she went and brought out her favorite little vibrating toy. She was so wet that the vibe disappeared into her almost completely with her first couple of strokes. She said that it was her favorite because the vibe hit all the right spots inside her. Next time she said she’ll let one of her boyfriends or girlfriends join her, and then she can really show off that favorite spot.

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big tit teen

Not just bright sun and beautiful weather can light up a day. Some girls flash a smile, and without even any idea of what is going to happen next, you know that the rest of the day is going to be fantastic. Those kinds of girls bring their brightness with them, and no matter what they wear, or don’t wear, it shows through and they are going to make your day that much better. When those girls know that they can make that even better by sharing their fantastic bodies, they can turn any day into one of the best days ever.

This amazing girl may have loved being outside in the sun and flowers, but we could have put her up against a blank wall and she would have brought enough energy to sizzle any photo shoot. At first she was quite a tease, she flashed a grin, and teased with a glimpse of her amazing breasts here and there. She held off with a giggle or a sultry smile, but as she got moving, more of her tight fitting clothes started disappearing and she showed off more of her fantastic body.

She may have not been the fastest girl to get naked, but each layer that peeled off her sultry body let her show off more of that energy that was mesmerizing. When we finally got a glimpse of her full breasts and sweet shaved pussy, she almost melted the camera she sizzled so much. We hope she does more, because if she smokes this much just taking off her clothes, we can’t wait to see what she melts when she plays with another girl, or her boyfriend!

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innocent teen

For quite a few young ladies there is something about being in their own place that allows their inner mischief free reign in their lives. For some girls, when they get older their inner mischief involves using their bodies to get into more sensual mischief. These girls end up quite the exhibitionists when they take pleasure in their bodies, and look to provoke a reaction from others with their mischief.

This cute little teen woman knew she was going to get into all sorts of mischief as soon as she got comfortable in her own little place for the shoot. Since she knew she was going to be watched, that mischief involved showing off her tight, toned, and hot little body. She knew that she could use flashes of her fantastic breasts and tight, shaved little pussy to get a reaction, especially when she pretended it didn’t matter whether she was watched or not.

She wasn’t able to resist those little teasing flashes here and there though, especially when she got hotter and hotter from doing her little exhibitionist show. The more she posed, the hotter she got, and the more she wanted to stop teasing and explore her hot body. She really got off on those watching her, and she paused a few times to flash her wet, tight pussy before she decided to stop teasing. When this hot little girl stopped teasing and got down to pleasuring herself, she ended up giving more of a show then when she was trying to tease everyone!

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innocent young teen

Spring has sprung, and now all the hot little teenagers are looking for excuses to get out into the beautiful weather and show off their tight bodies. When a beach isn’t nearby though, sometimes a girl’s just gotta take a little time in the back so that she can enjoy the warm sun on her skin.

Having a nice private backyard gives this cute little teen a way she can feel the sun all over her body, while she does a little teasing of the neighbors and anyone else that could watch her. That little extra thrill made sure that her one piece did not last long before she stripped it off so she could show off her tight barely-legal body. She says she loves her cute breasts and she makes sure to keep her pussy clean-shaven, since it is that much easier to feel the warmth of the sun all over her body.

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happy teen girl

Nothing like a nice, relaxing out back in a private place where a girl can let her hair down, have a little bit of fun and make sure that her tan is even. When a girl figures out that her outdoor place is also private enough that they can relax, they can get a little playtime and have a chance to explore their bodies.

This hot young teenager was lucky enough to have a perfect place outside her back door where she could sun herself without worrying about anyone peeking in. When she made sure no one was going to sneak in on her she stripped down to work on her tan, though not before teasing a bit with a couple of leaves blown into the yard. The sun got her nice and relaxed though, enough that she just had to break out her favorite little toy. After all, there is nothing that can help relaxing in the sun more than a couple of nice strong orgasms!

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There are few places that many foreign girls can call their own. In many cases they have to make their own space, like their bedroom, or some private place where they can go to have some fun and explore their bodies. When the girls get get lucky though they can make a place where they can get comfortable enough that they relax and really get into playing with their bodies.

This red-headed hot Russian teen didn’t have one of those places she could call her own, so we let her take one of ours! When she looks over the place and gets relaxed she loses a lot of her inhibitions, and the fun loving girl that loves to show off comes out. The teenage girl just loves her body and when she has her own place she decides to get comfortable by stripping off her clothing and showing off her cute teenage breasts and shaved pussy. The more comfortable she got, the friskier she got, so let’s hope she gets comfortable enough to get all hot and slippery next time!

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sexy teen girl

When little girls get older, they may try to study with their boyfriends, but we all know that is just an excuse to get their favorite boy toys. It may start out as just studying, but eventually their needs will get the better of them, and then it all just becomes about human anatomy.

Cute little teen Sylvia started out with the idea that she was just going to have her boyfriend there to read with her, but just being there with him got the cute little blonde nice and wet. It didn’t take much convincing at all from him that what she really wanted was to study what was between his thighs. He wanted to study her too, he wanted to study exactly how she moaned when he pounded her tight pussy and ass with his huge cock. It must have been quite the study session, because when he decorated her with his cum, he certainly gave her the A for effort.

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One thing that you have to envy in the young is their ability to keep themselves in the most twisted situations, physically. So many little girls pride themselves on their flexibility, their ability to do the splits, or put their legs over their heads, that when they turn legal they find all sorts of sexy ways to exhibit themselves. Especially when you get a current or former cheerleader, they are already used to showing off, and bending their bodies all over the place to give the sexiest views to their audience.

flexible barely legal teen

This amazing barely legal teen not only did some cheerleading, but she also did yoga, so she was not shy in the slightest, and loved the sight of her body and the way she could get all the boys drooling over her. She told us that she practiced her yoga in the nude, since clothes just got in the way when she contorted all over the place. With that explanation, her clothes didn’t last long, and she was soon showing off her cute breasts and tight little shaved pussy.

She went through all sorts of poses from her cheerleading and her yoga, but she made sure that she flashed and teased us with her hot little body in every pose. She also told us that her boyfriend loved it, because she often practiced her yoga ‘poses’ when they had sex. We could only envy him for her fantastic physical gifts, because getting the chance to fuck this petite, flexible little teenager would be a treat!

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