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All posts in December, 2010

Sometimes it’s a little tough to get new girls to show off for the camera, but not Bianca, she flirted with the photographer practically from the minute she arrived for the shoot. She teased us by wearing skin-tight clothes that showed off her cute little body and clung close enough that even before she started taking them off she didn’t hide much from our camera. She wasn’t shy at all and told how excited she was that she was going to have the chance for thousands of guys and girls all over the world admire her body.

She didn’t hesitate long before the clothes came off and she showed off her sexy nude teen body. She has the perkiest breasts, and she loved playing with them for the camera. She played the masquerade, though once the clothes came off she really had nothing to hide. Bianca had plenty more to tease, she told us that when she thought about all those people watching her pictures and videos she ended up hot, and she just had to show off her pretty little pussy to someone. We were very grateful to be that someone, and captured every part of her sexy teenage body so that everyone gets to see her the way she wants.

Sometimes girls gotta get a bit nutty in order to break out and have fun. These three cute barely legal girls wanted to have their own fun in the forest, while showing off their tight little bodies in the process. They thought it wouldn’t be quite right to be out in nature completely nude at night though, so they brought along their favorite matching hats just to provide a bit of silly covering for their romp.

Once into the forest these little nymphs frolicked deep into the private places, and worked out quite a bit until they found a perfect spot for their play. With their glistening skin, they practically glowed in the lights for the shoot, and they loved how their cute little tits and shaved pussies looked highlighted in the lights. The mood to play fueled all three girls, and they just could not contain the silly mood that overcame all of them as they posed, showed off, and played with each other’s nude bodies. When they finished playing we ended up with pictures of a great night that likely won’t happen in that forest again any time soon.

Some of our barely-legal models don’t think they have what it takes to be a good sexy model. It can take a little convincing to get them to show off their tight bodies for the camera. This cute little blonde girl showed up looking hot in her green, but when she got started, she said she was a little nervous. She didn’t think she had the body for us, and we were glad to convince her otherwise! Once we got that first piece of clothes off and she showed off her perky 18-year-old breasts we were convinced we had a bombshell on her hands.
She picked that up, soon we had her coming out of her shell, and she showed us what a sizzling body she has. She kept saying that she didn’t think she was all that hot, but we convinced this barely legal girl that she fogged up our camera. She may have protested, but this Sexy Nude Teen really got into it and showed everything she had for the camera. She admitted at the end of the shoot that she loved it so much it got her wet, and she was looking forward to our next set so she could really let go!

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Some girls are built just to tease, and once they hit 18 the girls live to drive us crazy. It took us very little coaxing and this girl begged to take off her clothes. She didn’t just want to strip, she wanted fingers, and toys, This barely legal lovely was practically dripping wet and ready to show off her sweet pussy and tits for the cameraman in this red hot shoot. She turned over so we could see her cute little ass, and could see just how deeply she could take her fingers. Once her fingers nearly vanished, we couldn’t help but offer her the choice of our toys. Imagine our surprise when she took one of the big blue, bead filled vibrator friends. She stroked herself to get just a bit more wetness from her sweet, 18 year old pussy, and then she started working that vibe. She made sure we were watching though as it disappeared into her warm little hole. She slid down that thing, and before long her sweet voice cried out in one of the best orgasms you’ll ever hear. It shows that these barely legal 18-year-old beauties are just exploding to show off all the ways they’ve dreamed getting off for the camera.

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