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All posts in April, 2009

Lisa19 Gallery

Look at those little bitty titties. Nice, very nice! I don’t know about you but I’m never upset when a girl decides to flash me with her little bitty titties. That is just something you don’t get tired of.

This is Sasha 19 and she would have opened her site when she was 18, but she wanted to move to the United States first. I’m guessing she is from Russia with a name like “Sasah”, however she could be from any place in Europe. It took her a year to get through customs and as soon as she got her she opened up Sasha 19.

Personally I think they should give automatic citizenship to any teenies that want to get on the internet and show off their little bitty titties. People say that the US doesn’t produce anything any more and they obviously don’t know what they are talking about because we make some of the finest porn in the world! That is something to be very proud of and girls like Sasha 19 come all the way from Russia just so they can show off their little bitty titties. What a great county!

Sasha 19 does quite a bit more than just show off her little bitty titties – she also has sex with guys and other girls. Yep, she does it all! She is really cute and I’d be happy just to check out her little tits, but if you wants to get really naughty then GREAT.

Visit Sasha 19s personal website and let her show you what she can do. You will be very happy when you have a video of those little bitty titties!


Sasha 19 has closed her site. Maybe because she isn’t 19 anymore, I dunno either way what you see is what you get. No more updates. Sorry.

Little Mutt Gallery

Lesbian teen sex should not even be considered porn. Porn is dirty word and teen lesbian sex is beautiful and sacrosanct. Watching two girls get naked and make out is good for your soul.

Little Mutt is a all amateur teen website. They have a lot of girls that you won’t see at the other sites. If you have been to Nubiles and Teen Dream and you are looking for something a little different have a look at Little Mutt. You might like what you see.

The amateur teen girls at LittleMutt.com are all attractive. Inside the private members area you will find some hardcore teen videos, a good number of teen lesbian movies, and many girl masturbation shoots. They also have a lot of big glossy photo sets.

I always feel good about supporting the smaller guys and solo girls. Little Mutt is nice independent site where you will find authentic amateur teens. The two girls in this gallery are a good example of what you will find at little mutt: hot girls that get naked and naughty!

Most of the girls that they film at Little Mutt are 18 or 19. For many of these girls it’s the first time they have gotten naked on camera. Visit Little Mutt and check out these fresh teens. You will like what you find.