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All posts in December, 2008

Sexy Lette Gallery

Hasn’t everyone had the fantasy of owning a tanning salon and spying on all the girls?

Normally Sexy Lette would be out at the beach working on her suntan, but since it’s December and cold out she is at the tanning salon. I’ve always thought tanning salons where sexy… all the young sexy girls that go in there and get completely naked.

I just love this girl and can’t get enough of her. Sex Lette has a lot of personality. She is spunky and sexy as hell. She has quite a few tattoos and piercing. She has her tongue and pussy pierced. I used to think that tongue piercings were stupid as hell then I got my first blow job from a girl that had one. It was an incredible experience and I now love girls that have pierced tongs. I can only imagine the extra stimulation they get from having their clit pierced. She definitely isn’t your normal girl.

If you haven’t yet joined her site you should. Even if you only are a member for a short time her videos are worth seeing. She does cam shows on a regular basis and those are worth watching as well. In my opinion Sexy Lette has one of the best amateur girl websites on the internet.

Little Liana Gallery

Little Liana just got a video camera for Christmas. As soon as she got the wrapping paper cleared up she started filing herself. If you visit her website you will see that she already has the clips uploaded.

Little Liana is one of the newest girls to hit the web and start up her own website. She is from Latin America and she speaks Spanish, but she is working on her English – it’s not bad, but it’s not good. What is good is her attitude and desire to show us her totally naked body and teen pussy.

It’s great that the internet is a global phenomena – it reinforces the notion that people are the same just about every where you go. f you are in Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, or anywhere else you will find that girls like to get naked and put their pictures on the internet. And everyone likes to look at them!

You can see a lot more of Little Liana at her personal website where she keeps making new barely legal teen clips for your enjoyment. She is a slender teen with small tits and a cute smile. Little Liana definitely fits into the category of “barely legal”. She really did just turn eighteen!!!

18 Years Old Gallery

Chances are you have already heard of Saha Grey. On the off chance that you haven’t, she is a very well know porn star. She is NOT an amateur girl, she is NOT some girl that just set up a web site for a little extra cash and for fun. Sasha Grey is a full on well know porn star.

I’m guessing she is now about 20-21 years old – she has been shooting porn for quite some time and she does EVERYTHING. I’m not joking either. She has done gang bang, rough sex, dp, anal, and even some BDSM. The thing is she can still look like a fresh rookie. She can still pass for 18 – if she hadn’t been shooting porn for the last few years I would think she is eighteen!!!

There are a few cool non-porn videos of Sasha Grey on youtube – if you want to know more about this young starlet do a search for them. She has a very unique style that is part punk, goth, and cute teen all mixed to together in a wonder blend that masks her true inners slut. Make no mistake, with Sasha Grey that inner slut does come out and it comes out in a BIG WAY.

Sasha Grey doesn’t have her own website, but you can see some of her videos at 18 Years Old. You can also see a ton of other hardcore teen videos 18 Years Old. It’s a good site and you get access to a tremendous amount of high quality content.