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All posts in November, 2008

Next Door Nikki Gallery

This is Next Door Nikki and she is keeping that wall from falling over. Next Door Nikki has been doing semi-nude modeling on the web for a fey years now. She got her start with Phil Flash who introduced Nikki and her big teen tits to the web.

Next Door Nikki has gone off on her own and started Nikki’s Playmates. It’s a site that features her and quite a few of her hot sexy friends.Nikki’s Playmates is all semi-nude nude and none of the girls or Nikki do hardcore. That being said, they are very hot. The photos are top quality. And to be honest the photos of Next Door Nikki are closer to fully nude than not – she gets damn close to having all her clothes off.

Nikki really does have that “next door” look. She is an every day girl that is hot and that you would LOVE to fuck. Next Door Nikki is the kind of girl that lives in your apartment building, or down the street that you see every day and think, “God I’d love to have 30 min alone with her!”

Next Door Nikki’s top selling point has to be her big teen tits!! But Nikki is a lot more than a teen with big boobs, she also looks great from behind and has a very juicy ass. From what I understand, her personality is down to earth as well.

Nikki does keep her site updated and she does have a web cam. Perhaps you can strike up a good conservation with the big titted teen that lives next door? Visit Nikki and get to know her better.

Pure 18 Gallery

I have a folder on my hard drive that I like to keep my favorite teen porn videos in – it’s my personal all time best hits collection. Well today, I just watched a teen porn video that I added to to my “best” folder.

This video is from a great site called Pure 18. The girls at Pure 18 my be eighteen years old, but they sure are not “pure” by any stretch of the definition. The site is made by the “Reality Kings”. These guys have made some famous porn sites like “In The VIP” and “Mike’s Apartment”. They shoot everything reality style, up close and personal with a lot of teen POV and gonzo camera work.

Let me tell you a bit about this video and why it’s now one of my favorites. This cute blond may be 18 years old, but she is ANYTHING but innocent! This is a full on hardcore teen porn video. She sucks cock, gets fucked, and then takes a cock in her ass. She has a great ass too!!

Let me repeat that just in case you didn’t catch it: This cute 18 year old takes a BIG COCK IN HER ASS!!

If you are a fan of teen anal sex then you really need to download this entire video!!! You can add this hardcore teen porn video to your own collection and then check out all the other girls at Pure 18.

Teen Topanga Old Gallery

If you feel like a dirty pervert looking at Teen Topanga that is probably because you are!! Not to worry, you are in very good company – I see the search logs and traffic stats for this site and let me tell you EVERYONE is a pervert.

Teen Topanga started her website when she was 18 and that was two years ago. So this cute innocent girl is now 20 years old. She has been taking pictures and making videos for her site the entire time. She probably has a few years left of playing cute and innocent.

Look at those big brown eyes! Teen Topanga could look at you, give you that I’m so innocent look, and you would be putty in her hands. And she knows!!! Teen Topanga gets a lot of mileage out of the cute, innocent, barely legal look. She has it mastered!

This barely legal cutie has been updating her site once or twice a month for close to two years. So there is a fairly good collection of Teen Topanga pics and videos. She does do full nude, she does experiment a little with other girls. Topanga delivers on what she promises: a cute and innocent girl that likes to strip down naked and let you watch!

Meet Madden Gallery

This is exactly how massive multiple car pileups happen!!! You shouldn’t drink and drive and you most definitely should not have a hot 18 year old blond stripping naked in the passenger seat. This is just VERY dangerous ( and sooooo hot).

Meet Madden is a southern girl with an AMAZING body. She is truly stunning. Legs, ass, tits, face – all fucking amazing. Check out Meet Madden in her sheer panties, and check out her sexy school girl look.

Unfortunately, Meet Madden is a TOTAL tease. She does not do full nude, and she does not do anything close to hardcore. Yes, it’s a crying shame! She is so perfect and hot all you can do is think about doing all kinds of dirty things to her!!!

Personally, I wouldn’t join her site – I I don’t like non-nude tease pics. Yes, they are hot. Yes, Meet Madden is hot, but I’d rather spend my money at a site where a girl really earns her money!

If you liked being teased and if you think Meet Madden is the bomb, then by all means, join her personal site. She has cam shows every week so maybe you can see her live. Maybe she will slip up and let you see her bare tit.

Paulina 18 Gallery

This is Paulina 18. She is tall and skinny has has little boobs, she is almost flat chested. What she lacks in boobs she more than makes up with long legs! Paulina is new to the web and yes she really did just recently turn 18!

She has a very cute face and barely legal looks. She likes to dress up in brightly colored clothes and most importantly, she like to taker her clothes off. She is a total slut for the camera! Paulina 18 has thick lips and big brown eyes – she really is a beautiful teenie!!

If you like skinny teen models then you will most likely love Paulina 18. There is not an ounce of fat on this girl!! She loves to take her panties off and show her tight little pussy to the camera.

This barely legal teenie has a lot to offer. Paulina 18 is consistently updating her site, her pictures are hot and her movies incredible. She enjoys making YOU happy, which is always good!

Paulina 18 does EVERYTHING. She has sexy with boys and girls, she sucks cock, and obviously she gets totally nude. If you would like to see more of this skinny teen model and and all the kinky things she does, then stop by her website.