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All posts in October, 2008

Sexy Lette Gallery

I’m going to award best Halloween costume to Sexy Lette. With her panted face she looks down right spooky!!! She doesn’t look like the sweet Sexy Lette that I’ve come to know and love!!!

I am not surprised that Sexy Lette has the best look – she is the type of girl who puts a lot of effort into her “look”. If Sexy Letty does it, it will be unique and bold. She doesn’t do things half way.

Sexy Lette is one of my favorite girls. Her pictures are never boring. She is very much one of a kind. She is very unique and she has an amazing body. Sexy Letty has a perfect teen ass that is tight, round, and plump in just the right places. Her tits are very nice and she has a very cute face ( when it’s not painted up scary looking).

The most striking thing about Sexy Lette are her tattoos and piercings. She has what looks like bands or wings tattooed on her back and two stars right above her breasts. Sexy Lette always seems to have a new piercing and, yes, she does have her clit pierced.

Her tattoos and piercings are all in good taste tho – they fit her and compliment her. She doesn’t look like a nasty biker chick. She still has her youthful cute teen looks.

Sexy Lette is just fucking hot. You really should watch some of her videos and chat with her on webcam. The Sexy Lette experience is well worth it!!!

Ariel Rebel Gallery

Ariel Rebel can come and trick or treat at my house any day she likes!!! How do you like Ariel Reble’s Halloween Costume? I think she is supposed to be a female cop because she is wearing a badge and handcuffs. She forgot the rest of her outfit – like the clothes part!!! But hey, if Ariel wants to dress up as a female cop without a uniform – that is fine by me!!! Come put those cuffs on me Ariel!

I just new that Ariel Rebel would have some Halloween themed galleries. Ariel is not a goth girl but she experiments with dark themes from time to time. She is definitely a little different and has an edge.

I’m not sure how exact ally to classify Ariel Rebel, which is part of her charm. She is cute and looks barely legal, but she is not your typical pigtailed teen sucking on a lollipop. Ariel has her own style, she is an innovator and she marches to her own drummer. She is unique and that makes her hot!

If you would like to see more of this unique teenie you are in luck — let me tell you why. Her site has over 60 high quality videos of her fully nude. Ariel Rebel is not shy about showing her pussy or taking off all her clothes. The pictures in her site are awesome and she keep it regularly updated. What more could you want? Grab those videos now!

Liz Vicious Gallery

Happy Halloween — I figured I’d post a few goth girls or at least girls in freaky costumes. You have to love Halloween – it the one time of the year where 9/10 girls dress up as complete sluts. Yeah, a lot of girls normally dress like sluts, but at Halloween time the “good” girls have an excuse to look slutty. The girls that are normally sluts… well, they just get sluttier. 🙂

When I was thinking of goth girls the first girl that came to mind was Liz Vicious. She is quite the famous goth chick. She has had her own website for several years now.

Liz Vicious wears dark makeup like this all the time – this is not just for Halloween. This girl is 100% goth. Her skin is pale white because she sleeps all day and avoids the sun. She likes dark clothes and “freaky things.”

One of the things that Liz Vicious really enjoys is cock. Liz loves to suck dick and get fucked. She is not shy about sexual experimentation and if the sex has an edge or is kinky she likes it all the more. This is a great gallery I dug up that shows Liz Vicious giving road head!!

Sometimes Liz likes to mess around with other girls. She prefers dick, but she takes pride on doing things a little different. A little while back she did a photo shoot with the famous Raven Riley. Let me tell you, the video of that scene is great. If given the opportunity, Liz Vicious will munch pussy!!!

Liz Vicious is a great girl that has put a lot of work into her site. She keeps it updated regularly with fresh videos and pictures. Treat yourself for Halloween and download some of her videos!!!

Gigi Spice Gallery

This is Gigi Spice and in her own words, “She does it all!!” She is not lying. Gigi Spice is another hot teen Latina from the same crew that brought you Pamela Spice, Karla Spice, and Selena Spice. These guys must search all of Latin America for the most beautiful teen Latinas. They keep finding new girls that are nothing short of amazing!

Gigi Spice is a perky and cute Latina. She is beautiful and a total camera whore. At first glance, Gigi Spice looks like a TOTALLY innocent teen. If you didn’t know any better you would think she is a good girl that hangs out at church.

Well, Gigi Spice is HARDLY innocent. Gigi loves to suck cock and get fucked. She loves to fool around with other girls. And Gigi Spice enjoys sticking toys in her ass!!!

Gigi Spice really does “do it all” and she has a warm and happy Latina personality. And I’m not sure what it is about these teen Latina’s but they all have AMAZING asses! Take a close look at Gigi’s ass – it’s round, tight, and perfect!!

When ever I see pictures of beautiful teen Latina’s I start thinking that I need to study up on my Spanish and move. Especially now that it’s getting cold where I live!!! Watching videos of warm spicy Latinas is a great way to forget about the cold.

If you don’t have the cash for a tropical vacation, do yourself a favor and join Gigi’s Site. Watch her videos, watch her dance around naked in a tropical climate, watch her suck cock, and what her have sex with guys and girls. You won’t regret it!!

Meggan Powers Gallery

Meggan Powers is a fairly new girl and she went from amateur to pro real quick. The crew at Pancho Dog found her and made her a website – these are the same guys who made the sites for Ariel Rebel, Katie Fey, Andi Pink. The assumed, rightly so, that they had a big hit and they were already counting the money this girl would make for them. Well, Meggan had other ideas…

Considering that Meggan has classic model looks and – skinny and glamorous – the big name guys took an interest in her. I’m not exactly sure what went down, but Meggan Powers decided to sign a contract with Vivid. Yes, Vivid the home of many famous pornstars. She also changed her name to Meggan Malone. It’s just a matter of time before this cutie is staring in big name porn flicks.

The great thing is that the Pancho Dog guys were able to get a bunch of content before she left for Vivid. The Meggan Powers content is at the beginning of her carrier while she is still cute and amateurish. If she becomes famous, and I’m sure she will, these pictures and videos will be golden.

Keep an eye out for Meggan Malone next time yo u are watching a LA style porno and remember that you learned about her first at Dream8teen!!

If this babe really does if for you – if you you love skinny and glamorous – then drop by the Meggan Powers site and have a look at her hardcore work!!!

Face Down Ass Up Gallery

If you are researching colleges forget the Ivy League, forget MIT – you want to go to Face Down Ass Up University!! Harvard and Yale pale by comparison.!

This is Kasia and she is a sexy girl from Poland that is a student at Face Down Ass Up University. I just watched the entire video of Kasia and honestly it was one of the hottest teen videos I’ve ever seen!!!

Kasia is in her dorm room and she teases the camera and takes off her panties. She takes one of her dildos (one with a suction cup on the end) and she sticks it to her bunk bed. Kasia then grabs a bottle of lube (this girl is well prepared) and rubs a little on her pussy and a little on the dildo.

Kasia shows off her perfect ass and tight teen body. And let me tell you, this sexy girl is a text book definition of tight and perky. Kasia then backs up – face down ass up style – to the dildo and fucks herself crazy!!! She fucks the dildo until she has a big orgasm and her eyes glaze over with a rush of pleasure.

I’m giving Kasia an A+ for her performance. This sexy teen video clip will go down as one of my personal favorites for 2008.

Kasia and Face Down Ass Up University are the genius creation of Phil Plash. Phil Plash is a photographer that really know how to a) find hot chicks b) take damn good pictures. If the Phil Plash name is on it, you know it’s good. And it’s not just photos but the videos as well – they are all top quality. You can watch this hot video of Kasia right now at Face Down Ass up University!

Sexy Teen

Have you ever been hanging out with your buddy and said something like, “we need to find some hot sluts to suck our dicks?” This is probably what you were thinking, wasn’t it? Well, this kind of thing doesn’t happen in real life – that is unless you are dating Melissa Midwest!!!

Melissa Midwest is a long time favorite that has been on dream8teen many times. She’s no longer 18 and she is turning into a beautiful woman. Melissa has always been in charge of her site and the business woman behind Melissa Midwest. She’s a sharp business woman along with being a hot babe.

Melissa has started finding new girls to add the the Melissa Midwest network. Melissa’s new girl is Foxy Jacky and you can see her here on the right. Now Foxy Jacky is a total little hottie!!!

Foxy Jacky has a big smile (Just like Melissa) and a killer body. Foxy Jacky drops off all her clothes and sucks her BF’s dick. She messes around with Melissa. Foxy Jacky is just HOT.

You can download this movie now and see more of Foxy Jacky at her personal site


As of Oct 14, 2011 we are being told that Melissa Midwest is closing down her site and will no longer be updating. Sorry folks!

Little Summer Gallery

This is Little Summer and she LOVES masturbating. She is another cute teen with barely legal looks and she is part of the same network as Trixie Teen.

Little Summer is always smiling and they his probably because she usually has her fingers in her pussy. I don’t blame her one bit!!! Little summer likes to take off her clothes and look cute for the camera. She is definitely not shy about getting the camera right up close to her bare pussy.

Summer loves going to the beach (don’t all girls) she loves playing in the sand, laying in the sun, and stripping down completely naked. She gets turned on when she knows people are looking at her. Little Summer likes attention and she loves masturbating!!!

One thing she is just getting into is messing around with other girls. Little Summer is not a lesbian (she likes guys) but she is turned on by the idea of making out and fooling around with other girls. Little Summers’s nipples get hard and her pussy tingles wen her girlfriend touches her!

Little Summer has a great body, a cute smile, and blond hair. She looks like a cute good girl, but don’t be fooled. This little teen will make you very happy!! Visit her personal site and have a closer look.

Trixie Teen Gallery

When it comes to cute, you just don’t get much more cute than Trixie Teen. Trixie is cute and one of the first things you notice about her is that she has an amazing set of perfect sized tits. Her tits are very well shaped, they are perky and round, and well tanned. Trixie’s nipples are nice looking and they get hard when she takes her shirt off or when some guy touches them!

When you quit starring at Trixie Teen’s tits you might notice that she has GREAT Dick Sucking Lips (DSLs). I have no idea if Trixie has started sucking dick yet. I’m sure she and her girlfriends talk about it… but there is no way to know for sure. In a few years I will bet money that some lucky guy will have those great lips wrapped around his dick!!!

Trixie Teen really enjoys taking off her clothes. No matte what she is doing or where she is at she just can’t seem to keep her clothes on!! When she is a the park she is flashing her beautiful teen tits at the camera or lifting up her skirt and showing the world that she isn’t wearing any panties.

This is a great gallery Trixie Teen in her bed room. As you can see this is not some studio this really is her bedroom!! I have a strong feeling that that whenever Trixie is in her bedroom she is usually dreaming about guys, sticking her hands down her panties, and masturbating. If she wasn’t masturbating in her room on a regular basis, I’d think something is wrong!

I will tell you this: Trixie Teen has a totally shaved and very clean pussy!!! I know this because she cleans and plays with her pussy while she is in the tub. Sometimes Trixie Teen likes to take a nice soapy bubble bath and rub the sudsy bubbles all over her body. When she is in the tub she likes to stick her fingers in her pussy and play with her clit. Trixie looks amazing completely nude in the bath!!!

Trixie Teen is an amazing girl with a great body that looks good from every angle. She is youthful, cute and sexy as hell. She has big brown eyes and perfect tits that you JUST can’t stop starring at. Stop by Trixie’s Personal Site and let her show you her tight little pussy!!!!

Jordan Capri Gallery

Jordan Capri really brings back memories!!! Jordan first showed up on the web about five years ago and she was an instant hit. She was 18 years old and cute as hell. She did full nude and was one of the first amateur girls to set up her own website. She joined the Lightspeed Girls network and became their star girl. She is no longer 18, If I had to guess I’d say she is 21-22 now?? Jordan Capri has been featured all over the web and it’s hard to find a picture gallery of her that hasn’t made the rounds.

I managed to dig up a few Jordan Capri photo sets that I hadn’t seen before. These pictures of Jordan Capri are quite hot and I just never get tired of her big brown eyes and her tight perky butt. Jordan Capri’s pussy is classic!

Jordan Capri is always beautiful no matter if she is dressed up as a cow girl or stripping naked outdoors.

If you have never been a member of Jordan’s personal site, it’s still worth checking out. If you have been a member in the past Jordan is definitely worth one last look!! Best of all, If you join you get access to the ENTIRE Lightspeed Network of sites. You can examine up close an personal all the famous Lightspeed girls like Twanee Stone, Angle Woods, Rachel 18, Britney Lightspeed, and many, many more!!! Do yourself a favor and have a look at Jordan Capri and the Lightspeed Girls.

Little Liana Gallery

This is Little Liana and she is brand new… her site has probably been on the internet for less than 48 hrs. She has very youthful looks and she REALLY did JUST turn 18!!! She is a barely legal teen that can make your pulse quicken and your heat race.

Little Liana started taking pictures of herself on MySpace and found that she really enjoyed all the attention. She figured she might as well open a site for real so she could post all her barely legal teen pics that MySpace wouldn’t allow.

A lot of the pics in Little Liana’s site are ones she and her friends took. This is real home made porn by a barely legal teen. She also has a bunch of pics and videos that her ex-boyfriend took. Some of them are even hardcore.

Little Liana has some real cute girlfriends as well and they love to get naked and play with each other. Little Liana is one kinky barely legal teen!!

If you would like to see more of this girl who just turned 18 then drop by her private site and have a look at all Little Liana’s homemade armature teen porn.

Pretty Maya Gallery

This is Pretty Maya and when she is not practicing for Wimbledon she likes to work on her porn site. Maya is 19 years old and lives in Toronto. She is a bit of an exhibitionist and gets turned on knowing hundreds if not thousands of guys are checking her out on the internet!

Pretty Maya is damn near close to flat chested, she has little teen boobs, but what she lacks in the chest department she more than makes up for with a nice juicy teen ass. When Maya is taking pictures for her site she likes to strip completely naked and finger her pussy.

After a hard day of tennis practice Maya loves to make a nice warm bubble bath, light some candles, and then masturbate in the tub. Pretty Maya loves to masturbate!!!

If you would like to see more pic of Pretty Maya Masturbating then stop by her private site and have a look around. Her cute smile, curly brunette hair, and tight young pussy are a total turn on!

Sexy Lette Gallery

I try to keep dream8teen focused on amateur softcore girls that are unique some way because the internet is flooded with generic hardcore sluts. But every now and then I’m in the mood for some no-nonsense hardcore teen porn. Some times I just want to see a cute girl take a big cock in her mouth and then have her pussy fucked.

If you are looking for hardcore teen girls getting fucked then 18 Years Old is a site you really should checkout. This site is like a porn factory that processes 18 Year Old girls. They find a new 18 Year Old every few days and fuck the hell out of her. There is no goofing around, no teasing, just good honest fucking.

The girls don’t get their own site – they are just paid to show up and fuck – and it’s a new girl each and every week. Most of these girls will experiment with porn for only a shoot or two and then they vanish. Either they need to make some quick cash or they are just looking for a little excitement, but they don’t typically become pornstars.

If you are looking for some good honest hardcore teen porn then make sure and check out 18 Years Old!! The girls are all attractive and they all get fucked. The videos are high quality and you can down load them all to your computer. They even have a $1 dollar for a one day trial. Check them out for a day and start downloading videos now.

Emily 18 Gallery

It’s been a while since Emily 18 has been on this site. Emily18 started her website when she was just 18years old, but that was a few years ago. She still has her barely legal teen looks and is still just as cute as ever.

Emily 18’s small perky boobs look as delicious as ever and I’m glad she is still cranking out innocent teen pics.

I think this picture was taken in Emily18’s bedroom. I think we caught this barely legal teen while she was getting dressed. I love candid teen pics like this, they are much more exciting that cold studio pics.

Emily has a cute smile with a little smirk that says, “I’m an innocent teen, but not THAT innocent!” She is a beautiful girl in her own unique way!

If you love little tits and youthful looking teens, then you should really drop by Emily 18’s personal website.

Harmony18 Gallery

The most wonderful color in the world is the pink you find inside a tight 18yro. pussy. This is Harmony 18 and as you can she she has a tight pink pussy. She is proud of her pink pussy and she keeps it totally bald. Lucky for us, Harmony 18 gets turned on by showing everyone her pink pussy!!!

Harmony 18 has a nice big smile and long brunette hair. She has a cute girl-next-door look. Harmony 18 can spread her pink pussy for the world to see and still maintain her innocent quality. She can also put on a little makeup and look totally sexy.

When she graduated from high school the only job Harmony 18 could find was one flipping burgers. She figured there HAD to be something better and then she answered an add for nude teen modeling. It all started from there.

Harmony is a rookie but she is learning fast. She has already stared making a few hardcore videos and she enjoys looking at naked girls in magazines while she masturbates.

Inside Harmony18’s personal site there are two kinds of pictures – professional photo shoots and then some great personal photos that she took herself. She likes to hold the camera as close as possible to her pink pussy and snap pics. She also likes taking close up shots of her tight little ass.

If you love close up shots of pink pussy, sexually adventurous amature girls, and exclusive pictures and videos, then you will probably love Harmony 18’s personal site. She keeps her site update frequently with fresh new pics and videos of her sexual adventures. Drop by her site and have a look around.

Harmony18 Gallery

Angel Woods Gallery

Meet the newest Lightspeed girl Angel Woods! Angel has that cute and innocent girl-next-door look that the Lightspeed Girls are famous for. She is a perfect new addition to the Lightspeed lineup of sweet and sexy girls.

Angel Woods is a natural blond with blue eyes. She has a firm sexy 18yro. body, her tits are perky and well sized, and she has a tight round ass. She is very sweet and looks great in a pair of cotton panties. Angel’s pussy is totally shaved and she does let you get a nice look at it in her site.

One of the best things about joining the Lightspeed network is that you get access to something like 30 sites!!! These are not junky crap sites… these are famous girls like Jordan Capri, Twanee Stone, Rachel 18, Dirty Aly, etc. These are all great sites!!!

You get to check out all those sexy teens for an ENTIRE MONTH for just $39. That is a little more than one buck a day. It’s a bargain when you consider that you can download all the pictures and videos of sweet, innocent, girls to your computer and watch it over, and over, and over.

The Lightspeed girls are about as far as you can get from hardened internet porn sluts. If you like girls that look great running around in their panties, love to goof around, and still have an innocent and sweet quality, then the Lightspeed network exactly what you are looking for!!

Because I’m in such a good mood, I found a few movie galleries of Angel Woods for you:
Bonus Movie One

Bonus Movie Two