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All posts in August, 2008

In Bed With Faith

The cute girl on the other side of these huge natural teen boobs is In Bed With Faith.

In Bed With Faith has a very cute face and sexy bedroom eyes. She may know 12 languages and have an advanced degree in astrophysics, but everything about this teen is completely eclipsed by her huge natural boobs.

When a teen grows huge boobs like Faith, it’s pretty much destiny for her to start a website and show them off. It would be a crime if she didn’t. Boobs like that are more rare than a four leaf clover and it’s only fair for the rest of us to get a glimpse!!!

Faith is a British teen, which means she has a sexy accent and enjoys a good spanking. If big huge teen tits light your fire they you really must do yourself a favor and drop by her main site.

Sexy Teen

Kimmy Teen just turned 18 and to celebrate she started her own website. I’m not sure how “innocent” any girl is that decides to take off all her clothes and put up all her pics on a website, but she sure does LOOK innocent. Her pigtails and freckles really make the look authentic!

If cute teens with freckles are you cup of tea, then you are going to want a double order of Kimmy Teen. She has the cute innocent look nailed. She COULD even be a virgin – I doubt it, but it’s in the realm of possibility.

Whoever is taking the pictures of Kimmy Teen does a good job. There are a lot of high quality candid shots of Kimmy Teen doing every day things which invariably lead to her taking off all her clothes. And Kimmy Teen looks great naked. She does show her perky little tits and nice pink nipples. She does show her pussy, but she keeps it tasteful.

Kimmy teen has a great little youthful body, a charming smile, and brown eyes that could convince you to do anything. If you would like to see more of this cute girl with freckles and pigtails, then drop by her personal site, you will be glad you did.

Sexy Teen

Meet Hailey Hardcore, she is a new chick on the block and she opened her website this summer. She is fiends with Candy Sky and Carmen Cocks. Carmen was the first girl of the three to start a website, then Candy, and now Hardcore Haily. All three girls are most definitely fuckable!!!

I’d have to say that Hailey Hardcore has the most personality. By looking at her I’d guess she is Italian and you can just tell that she has a lot of attitude. She is dark completed with eyes and hair that match. She has very curvy wide hips and a thick teen booty. Her tits are all natural and her pussy is totally shaved.

Just like her name says, Hailey Hardcore goes all the way. There are plenty of videos of her sucking cock and a few where she is getting fucked. Let me telly you, fucking Hailey Hardcore would be a blast. She’s not the kind of girl to just lay on her back — she would be a very active wild fuck.

Sexy Teen

This gallery takes me back to my college days – good times. Very good times! Nothing compares to living in a coed dorm and seeing girls like this.

This isn’t any normal university, this is Face Down Ass up University and it’s the latest creation of Phil Flash. Phil Flash is well known for his great photography and beautiful girls.

Face Down Ass Up University features a lot of sexy teens that are starting their first year of college. The main requirement for admission is a great ass, but a sexy smile and nice legs appear to help.

Phil Flash is a master of detail and the erotic nature of getting close, very close, but not going all the way. Instead of turning the girls into sluts and doing harder and more extreme photo shoots, Phil Flash goes the other direction. There is very little full nudity in his shots, but damn if they aren’t some of the hottest pics you have ever seen.

Face Down Ass Up University is all about the little things that you glimpse out of the corner of your eye – the way undies get bunched up in the crack of a beautiful shapely ass, the rips and folds in loose clothing that let you see a little more than you think you are supposed to see, the way cotton is virtually see through when wet.

Face Down Ass Up may not be Ivy League, but it is a first class website. Take a tour of their campus and check out all the sexy teen coeds.

Sexy Teen

Jeska is a fairly new girl that launched her site this summer. She has filled my mind with several summertime fantasies.

This sexy petite blond is exactly the kind of girl you would love to fuck for a summer. Jeska’s Hotbox is kind of a mystery girl, a girl you have a short fling with, but remember for the rest of your life.

Her website is called Jeska’s Hotbox and she has a tight little body and rocking perky tits. When she is excited or doing photo shoots outdoors her nipples get big and hard. They are nipples that beg to be touched and played with.

Jeska has blond hair and light blue eyes and most striking are her dramatic tattoos. She some big tattoos for being such a cute little thing. She has a look in her eye that she has been around the block a few times. She is cool, and she knows how to have a good time.

Make sure and drop by her main site, Jeska’s Hotbox.

Sexy Teen

Trista Stevens has the body of a marathon runner. She is so skinny that that it looks like she hasn’t eaten in weeks!!! No, I don’t think she has an eating disorder, I just think Trista Stevens is naturally very skinny. It’s a look that works for her.

Trista has a smile that is as big as her tits are small. She has a very unique and distinguished appearance. With her naturally dark complexion and big eyes she would definitely stand out in crowd of blond porn chicks.

One of the most amazing tings about Trista Stevens is her stealer teen pussy. Trista’s pussy which is completely shaved has a small piercing. I can tell that Trista Stevens is proud of her bald teen pussy because there are a gazillion close up pictures of it in her website.

Trista enjoys sticking all manner of things in her pussy and I can’t blame her. I’d like to stick a few things in her tight little pussy as well. One thing that Trista Stevens really enjoys in her pussy is a glass dildo and there are quite a few photo shoots of her inserting it, playing with it, and licking it.

Drop by Trista Steven’s website if you would like to see more of her and her tight, bald, teen pussy.

Sexy Teen

Yummmm, Diddylicious! This is about as naked as you will ever see Diddylicious. Well, I guess “never” would be a bad choice of words. You never know when one of these cute little girls might end up snorting coke and doing hardcore. With Diddylicious I feel fairly confident predicting that she probably won’t.

For now Diddylicious is all non-nude. So don’t join her site thinking you are gonna see her pussy or her nipple or anything like that, because you won’t. Diddylicious just doesn’t do full nudity. She is young and cute, so that is just fine.

What Diddylicious does do is get damn close to being nude. She has no problems wearing see through panties. Or giving you an incidental view of her bare bottom.

Diddylicious does have a beautiful face with freckles that are just cute as hell. She sports a great little petite body and she has all manner of very revealing clothing that she is willing to wear for photo shoots. I’m sure he pussy is clean, tight, and smells like tulips.

If you would like to see a little more of Diddylicious, drop by her main site, but don’t come crying to me when you don’t get to see her bare pussy.