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All posts in March, 2008

Sexy Lette Playing with gun

You know, stoned girls should NOT play with guns. Damn, I hope that thing is unloaded.

This is our official bad girl Sexy Lette who is looking a little stoned. Why am I not surprised? She is not your normal teen that much is certain. I’m really starting to like this girl. When her site first opened I was a little skeptical, she has all those tattoos and piercings and her content at first wasn’t anything special…. but, it keeps getting better. Her pics and videos are fun and unique.

She is actually putting a lot of work into her site. She has a diary, webcam (with live chats), and you can have a lot of interaction with her. I think this girl may become quite popular. You you can be sure that we will be following her career all the way. Now get off your ass and check out Sexy Lette or she will shoot your ass!!!

Teen from Thailand

I went out for dinner tonight at a Thai restaurant and OMG these little Thai waitresses are cute as hell. That got me to thinking I should look for for some girls from Thailand to feature on this blog. After a little searching I scored big time: Lily Koh!!!!

A little tip: If you are ever in Thailand, don’t ever make fun of their King. You can get jailed or killed for that!!! Other than that Thailand would rock: spicy food and sexy Thai girls. This is the Flag of Thailand:

Flag of Thailand

Lily Koh is a little Thai girl who just turned 18 and she is, in her own words, “Fresh from the farm”. She just started taking university classes and she wants to be an engineer. She said she started her own website to learn not be shy (Translation: she is broke and needs money for school).

The pictures and videos on her site are 100% exclusive – you won’t find them anywhere else. Lily also has a diary that she writes in so you can learn more about her. There are a lot of very specific details about Lily Koh that you will find at her site. For instance, her favorite foods are papaya salad and spicy soup. Her “favorite part of a girls is her bottom.” That is a very good sign right there!

If you visit her site you can grab some free wallpaper for your computer and check out a few more free pics and videos of her.