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All posts in February, 2008


Hot damn, Melissa Midwest just sent me some brand spanking new pictures and videos to post on Dream8teen.com and they are fucking hot. The first thing you will notice is that she got a new haircut. Melissa Midwest is now sporting a short haircut and I’m not talking about her pubic hair you perverts – Melissa has always kept her pussy shaved!!

Melissa Midwest got her cut and if you know anything about girls it’s ALWAYS a big deal when they get their hair cut. If your girlfriend gets her haircut, you better fucking notice!! She won’t say anything just to test you. She will let a day pass and then start bitching, “YOU DIDN’T NOTICE MY HAIRCUT!!” Fuck if you can tell any difference because she got it cut 1cm.

Now, every now and then a girl will do something radically different with her hair. This is usually a signal that they are reinventing there persona and there is no chance that you will miss it. Sometimes, it’s a signal that they are totally losing it such as when Brittany Spears shaved her head. I fairly dam sure that Melissa is not losing it, I think she was just a little bored and decided to spice things up. Spice things up is EXACTALLY what Melissa Midwest did buy publishing her first CUM SHOT galleries. One of the gallery you have been waiting for is Melissa Midwest’s first cumshot.

Melissa has always been a great girl to blog about and she has been one of my favorites for a long time because she keeps releasing new material and keeps things fresh and exciting. I love chatting with her during her live webcam shows. She is just a nice person and she puts a lot of effort into her site.

When Melissa Midwest did her first hardcore shoot I thought to myself, I bet this is her grand finally and she will now quit making new material. Well, damn was I wrong! Melissa just keeps giving us what we want like great videos:

Melissa Midwest Cumshot Videos”