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Here are some interesting stats: Every day 234,833 girls turn 18 on planet earth. 1/3 of these girls will start their own website and take off their clothes. Half of these girls will claim to be virgins, but only 2 of them will be. It’s my job dear reader to sort through all this crap and bring you just the best girls and let you know when they are full of shit.

Abigail 18 is not a virgin, she claims to have had sex with only one guy. With Abigail 18 this is probably true. In todays world that is about as close to virgin as you can get – unless you live in a community of Muslim fundamentalists.

I really enjoy checking out Abigail 18 Galleries because this girl has qualities that so many girls no longer have – she is innocent and nice. Now most of these teen girls PRETEND to be innocent and nice, but it’s all BS.

I’m not always right, I was once wrong, but with Abigail 18 I’m fairly certain that what you see is what you get: a shy girl that is slowly exploring her sexuality. She is a little nervous and a little unpolished and that is unique. Why would Abigail 18 start her own website and take off her clothes for everyone on the internet? I’m not sure, and I’m still trying to figure that one out. If I had to guess, I’d say she wanted to do something brave and adventurous because she has always been a shy girl.

Well, Abigail 18 you are doing a great job. Keep up the good work and keep sending us those Abigail 18 Galleries: because we love them!!!

Kaley Kennedys in PantiesKaley Kennedys round ass

Gallery Link: Ashley Lightspeed strips off panties and bra.

There are a lot of sexy teen sites out there, so many I have lost track of them all. Some of the girls are drop dead gorgeous, some are sexy, others are cute, and there is everything in between. One of the girls that I think is often overlooked is Ashley Lightspeed. At first glance she looks awkward and even a little dorky. But if you take a second look, this girl has it going on. She has a great body without an ounce of fat on it. When Ashley Lightspeed is not wearing her glasses and has her hair down she can be down right hot. I’m convinced that in a few years the girl will blossom into an absolute beauty.

Ashley is one of the Lightspeed girls. The Lightspeed girls are best known for having that “girl next door look”, whatever the hell that means. Personally, I think “Girl Next Door” is just a descriptive cop out for lazy webmasters. I think it is supposed to mean not a super model, more of an average girl, but that totally lame. Every “Girl Next Door” is a little different and they all have their unique qualities.

If you are actually reading this, do check out Ashley Lightspeed, because she is a diamond in the rough. If you pride yourself on finding unique treasures then Ashley is your girl.

Dawson Miller Topless

Ok, the question is, did Dawson Miller just get done riding that mountain bike? No way in hell. She just poured water from that watter bottle all over her large natural teen tits to make it look like she was exercising. And you know what, I don’t care. She is cute as hell and if she wants to pretend to be a mountain biker then good for her – Just keep showing us your natural teen boobs and you can do anything you want Dawson.

This is the first time I have featured Dawson Miller on Dream8teen. Like all the girls on here she has her own website. Now, I want you to take a long look at her boobs so you know what natural tits look like. So many girls today have fake tits that it’s hard to remember what the real ones look like. There is nothing fake about these teen hooters.

Dawson Miller is cute as hell and she looks like the kind of girl that would cook you brownies and then go volunteer at the humane society. She is the kind of girl that your parents hope you marry some day. Just don’t tell your family that she likes to show her natural big teen tits all over the internet. Hell, chances are that everyone in your family has already seen Dawson Miller’s big tits. Everyone and I do mean everyone checks out porn on the net. I know, I see the log files!


This is Candy Skye who just happens to be friends with Carmen Cocks. Yep Carmen made her site and and Candy had to have one too. You know how competitive girls are with each other… If one girl gets her own porn site then all her friends have to have one as well. Hey, I’m not complaining, every attractive eighteen yr. old girl should have her own porn site!

Have you ever dated a girl who had a friend that was smoking hot? Every time you see them side-by-side you can’t quit thinking about how you would much rather be fucking your gf’s friend? That is kind of how I feel about Candy Skye.. Sure I’d fuck her and I’d enjoy every minute of it, but I’d always be thinking about how I’d much rather be fucking her friend Carmen Cocks.

The beauty of these intern porn girls is that you can have your cake and eat it too. You can jerk off to Candy Skye and later jerk off to Carmen Cocks and you never have to worry about getting busted for cheating. These girls are nice enough to give you free samples that can use to get the job done if you are low on cash. If you want to see everything, it’s like $25 bucks. After you blow you load you can concentrate on work and get shit done. Porn makes you productive and it saves you money!!! Think about how much money you would waste if you went hunting for pussy. You can easily blow hundreds of dollars and not so much as see a bare tit! If you think about it, these girls offer a great service for the price.

Carmen Cocks

I’ve heard stories and rumors that a long time ago girls new how to cook and they would even make their man dinner. Things are never as good as they once were. But then again, the old timers didn’t have the internet to check out teen porn. Girls today have no fucking clue how to cook. Like Carmen Cocks here, the only thing they can do with a stove is warm up their dildo. Don’t try this at home, Carmen is a trained professional!!! She may not be trained in the fine art of cooking, but she sure can suck a mean cock and look damn good for the camera. She look extremely good when she is bent over and ready to take it from behind.

Carmen Cocks is one of the newer teens on the web that does hardcore. She is a blond (well fake blond) and she has a great little body with perky tits and a tight ass. And you don’t get a name like Carmen Cocks unless you suck and fuck a lot of dick. The best part is there are videos of everything and you can watch.

Pamela Spice

Ok, I know you are thinking, “Oh great, another sexy young teenie that is just gonna be a dick tease and not so much as show us a bare tit.” Well, you are dead wrong. This chica shows everything!!! Yes, she does. I’m not fucking with you! This amazing latina is Pamela Spice and she is the latest Spice Girl. Who ever discovered this beauty deserves a gold medal.

Pamela Spice is about 5 minutes past her 18th birthday – just barley legal. This red light just turned green and this teen latina is headed for the race track. I just got done looking through her site and I’m ready to move to Mexico. These Latinas all seem so warm, sweet, and fuckable. I’ll take a Margarita with a little Pamela Spice please!

Not only does Pamela Spice get completely nude, she also makes out and kisses other girls. It just keeps gettting better and better. She has a completely shaved pussy that she enjoys sticking toys into. There is even a video where she puts on a strap on and fucks her friend in the ass. Yes, you read that correctly. This cute little latina fucks her friend in the ass with a strap on!!! Yes, she does! See the video for yourself.

Naked Ex Girfriend Pics

I just found this site that is really cool called Naked Girlfriends This isn’t your every day porn site – no. They guys who run this site get real pictures of girls from all over the world. Most of the pictures come from old boyfriends that submit them. You can tell that these shots are all homemade and spontaneous.

One thing you will discover by looking at these Girlfriends Exposed pics and videos is just how slutty your average girl next door is. I’m telling you, they are much sluttier than you ever imagined. They act all innocent and pristine but this site has proof of how they act behind closed doors. And the best part is that we can see it all for ourselves!!!

The sheer quantity of exposed girlfriends really blows my mind and they are adding new girls all the time. I bet the chances are that if you look through all the pics that sooner-or-later you will find a few girls you know.

Katie Fay’s Perfect Tits

Normally, I’m not much of a big teen tits guy. I tend to favor great legs and a perfect ass. But this photo of Katie Fey really turns me on. Katey Fay is absolutely gorgeous in every possible way and she her web site is 100% nude. She is exotic and refined looking with her big brown eyes and long dark hair.

My girlfriend just saw me making this post and she saw the picture of Katie Fey and she exclaimed, “Look at the big tits on that teen, she has to have the best teen tits on earth!!!” And you know what, for once my gf is right about something.

When I work on this blog I have to do a lot of research, find new sexy teens and learn a little about them. I know, it’s a difficult thing to do :). Anyhow, I’d like to say that Katie Fey is more than just a young teen with big tits, but I really don’t know. I haven’t had the time yet to investigate Katey Fey or her site much – I guess, I will have to put that on my to-do list. I definitely plan on having more Katey Fey here on Dream8teen.com.

Sexy Lette Pictue Gallery

Every had a day like this: your cell phone battery dies and you haven’t been able to make any calls for over a day. You rush to the mall to pick up a new battery. You are wearing crap clothes, you probably smell, and generally you look like shit. You are thinking about a million things and all the shit you have to get done. The last thing on your mind is picking up pussy. Well, that is when it happens – out of fucking nowhere drops a big slice of sexy young and different. She is right in front of you and giving you that look. Your brain feels like someone popped the clutch on your mental gearbox. Your dick is tingling and you are instantly flush. It takes a moment, then it registers – That girl was fucking hot and flirting with me! But now she is gone! The one moment you have been waiting for, hoping for, dreaming about all your life just passed you buy. The rest of the week it’s all you can think about – that sexy different girl at the mall that was flirting with you. You kick yourself over and over.

This has happened to every single guy that walks on this planet. We have all been there! Well the girl you missed your chance with is Sexy Lettie Yep, the girl you have been thinking about now has her own website. And now that you can get a second look at her you realize this is not the girl-next-door. This chick is different. Yeah she has piercings all over and a large collection of tattoos. She is not the kind of girl that would make mom happy and god damn it’s a turn on. Sexy Lettie has a great body and she has absolutely no problem letting you see everything. She just turned 18, made a website and is on a crazy adventure – who know where it will go. We will definitely be keeping tabs on this new hottie.

Lil Laura girl-on-girl gallery

There is a brand new girl on the web and her name is Lil Laura. Let me tell you a little about her. She is a young sexy redhead with little bitty perky tits. I just checked out the site and it was definitely worth my time – I’ll will be going back. And if you take the time to check out Lil Laura’s website you will be hooked like crack. The site is fresh and raw, the content is as new as it comes and you won’t find it any other place.

Lil Laura is about as far as you can get from being a tease – she does it all!!! Her friends are smoking hot and as you can see from this gallery she apparently enjoys making out with other girls. The pictures in Lil Laura’s site are very high resolution and of the best quality – you see every detail of these beautiful girls as they explore each others bodies. And I haven’t even mentioned the videos yet… They are FUCKING HOT – MUST SEE HOT.

What you will notice right away is Lil Laura’s is that she is a sexy young redhead . I’m going to go out on a limb and declare that she is the sexiest redhead teen on the net. Her body is amazing and she is very comfortable with it. You can tell that she knows what she likes and what she wants. Lil Laura is no Newb, she is an experienced sexual vixen. Her goal is to please and she does quite a good job. Her site is very interactive and did I mention that her friends are FUCKING HOT?

I’m going to quit raving about this site and let you check it out for yourself. I hope you enjoy the sample gallery, now make sure and visit Lil Laura.