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Kaley Kennedys in PantiesKaley Kennedys young tight body

I’ve got a tip for you guys and gals, if a girl has a skull on her panties chances are that she loves fucking. Girls pick out panties in one of two ways: 1) They want something comfortable to wear or 2) the want panties for others to see. Now, Kaley Kenedy was definitely thinking she wanted to show off when she picked out those panties. And what was she trying to say by purchasing panties that have a skull on them? She wanted to say – I’m a bad girl and if you think my tight young body looks hot in these panties, just wait till I take them off!!!

Kaley Kennedy is young Italian girl with a very round and curvy body. Her stomach is flat and tight, her ass is perfectly round and her tits are perky. She is hot and she knows it – have a look at her picture gallery and notice how she taunts and teases. Kaley Kennedy knows exactly what she is doing. It’s worth having a look at her website – all the pictures are of the best quality – very large and detailed. Believe me, with Kaley’s tight young body – you will want to look at all the fine details.

Gallery Link: Kaley Kennedy Shows off her Sexy Stuff in the Garage.

Sexy Blond Teen Lindsay

Is that a sexy naughty face or what? I love this picture of Lindsay from The Wet Peach because it’s not easy to pin down. It’s a little slutty, it’s a little sexy, a little naughty and just fucking hot. It’s a little more makeup than I normally like to see on a girl, but in this case I’ll let it slide. Hell, in this case I’ll even get sprung. I can even think of a place where I would like to have those juicy red lips!!

If you will take a look at the Wet Peach gallery I think you will find every guys fantasy – well at least one of them. Imagine you come home and your girl is doing the dishes. Not only is she doing dishes but she is all made up and we are not talking made up like June Cleaver, but like a slutty nymph. The girl in the kitchen is a sexy teen in fish net stocking and tight little ass in cotton panties that have gotten scrunched up and wet. Of course this young slutty nymph is washing so diligently that she has managed to get soap bubbles and watter all over her slender tight body. Now wake the hell up, because that kind of shit doesn’t happen in real life!!! First no girl is gonna do your dishes and look like Lindsay from the Wet Peach unless you are willing to spend a few grand. So do yourself a favor and do the next best thing and check out the free movie gallery or visit The Wet Peach

Bonus Movie Galleries:

Sexy Blond Lindsay parties Topless for the camera

It’s time to check in on Abigail 18.

Abigail 18 isn’t brand new, but she is still fairly new to the web. I’ll have to find out when her birthday is because she may no longer be eighteen. When she first started off Abigail was a little shy and she said she was a little nervous. But after several photo shoots it looks like Abigail 18 is warming up to her being in the spotlight. She is getting more frisky and doing more shoots with some girl on girl playing around. If you haven’t noticed, she has a great body and I have the feeling she doesn’t even know how attractive she really is! What I like about Abigail 18 is that she is truly appears to be genuinely sweet and innocent. Other girls put on that act, but with Abigail I don’t think it is an act at all. She is just what she claims to be: a young fully nude sweetheart.

The more pictures I see of Abigail 18 the more I fall in love with this beautiful brunette. The clothes she wears for he photo shoots don’t look like slutty costumes – I have a strong feeling it’s the exact clothing she wears every day. It’s like she didn’t put any thought into trying to be all dolled up or into trying to be sexy. What you see is what you get – and I love what I see.

Melissa Midwest Stripping in Hotel

I don’t think I can go a week without checking out Melissa Midwest. Melissa has to be one of the most beautiful girls on the net. She is a really cool chick from Lincoln, Nebraska who decided to make her own website and take off all her clothes. Her friends all thought she was crazy and she even got arrested by the local cops because they didn’t like her making porn in Nebraska. You can read about the story on her website. Well she was not detoured in the slightest. Melissa Midwest just smiled and keep on taking her clothes off.

My favorite shots of Melissa are just her solo shots where she shows off her incredibly sexy body. But she does spice it up with other girls that are incredibly sexy – like Sweet Adri. The most recent news from Melisa Midwest is that she is for the first time doing a little hardcore. After watching this beauty on the net for several years it was great to see her in some hardcore action. As a special treat I managed to get a few of Melissa’s hardcore movie galleries and I hope you enjoy them.


As of Oct 14, 2011 we are being told that Melissa Midwest is closing down her site and will no longer be updating. Sorry folks!

Kaley Kennedys round ass

This is a girl we haven’t seen a good while: Tory Stone. Tory Stone is one of the Lightspeed girls. If you notice the Lightspeed girls all have a very natural look. They don’t have fake tans or fake tits. They are just good quality girls that like to take it off for the camera. The pictures are always taken with taste. You won’t see the Light speed girls looking like trashy whores.

Tory Stone was one of the original Lightspeed girls before “Lightspeed” became a big name. Tory has always been a favorite of mine. She has large firm breast that don’t droop or look fake. She has a real cute smile and long sexy legs that you would love to have wrapped around your head while you eat her pink pussy. Yummmm!!!

I’m not sure what kind of “bottoms” Tory has on, but they do look damn good on her. I guess they are bikini bottoms? They look even better when she is pulling them down and showing you all she has, but you will have to check out the gallery for that.

Gallery Link: Tory Stone Sitting Outside Sunning her Nice Frim Tits

I figured it was time for another Nubiles Video Update and I must say I really like this one. Don’t get me wrong, I look just about all the girls at Nubiles and they do have a lot to choose from. Anyhow, this video from Nubiles has a girl that is totally sexy and rubbing her big pink nipples. Her breasts are perfectly round and palm sized – just big enough for you to wrap your hand around. I also love the pink panties that this Nubile girl is wearing when she lays back on her back to give us a nice pussy shot. But no matter how much she teases or what she takes off I just can’t get her juicy pink nipples out of my mind. They are the perfect nipples for sucking on. Well, I hope you enjoy the free video and if you like what you see then check out Nubiles to see more.