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All posts in October, 2007

Carmen Cocks Strips off her clothes before fucking her boyfriend

Hot Damn!! There is a brand new girl on the web by the name of Carmen Cocks. This girl is gonna make a splash on the web like an atom bomb in Lake Michigan. Getting naked on the web isn’t novel anymore and it’s a competitive biz. Basically, Carmen Cocks in a commendable show of oneupmanship decided to blow past all the beginner babes and start with full on hardcore.

Carmen recruited her boyfriend as a prop for her website. Yep, he is a stunt cock in her star performance. I’ve often thought about this – If my girlfriend decided she wanted to start up a website and do hardcore would I join in? My first reaction is “NO”. But you know how girls are – they will find a way to make you do what they want. They have the pussy power!

Let me tell you a little bit about the quality of the content in Carmen’s site: Yes, she sucks cock (as her name would imply). Yes, you get to see her pussy get fucked hard. Yes you get to see her perfect tits and nipples. Yes, you get many quality shot of her perfect tight ass. Yes, you get to see her beautiful tanned body and blond hair in every way that you can fantasies about. And yes, you get high resolution pictures and videos. You get to see everything. You will fucking love Carmen Cocks!

Karen Dreams Taking off Her dress

New galleries of Karen Dreams are out. Karen is an old favorite who has appeared on this site several times in the past. She mostly does non-nude, but she does show enough skin to keep everyone interested. Most of the non-nude girls bore the shit out of me, but there is something I like about Karen. She markets herself as the Girl Next Door — whatever the hell that means. I’ve come to the conclusion that every web girl claims to be the Girl Next Door. They might as well just claim to be “other”. I even searched around on the web looking for an “official” definition. What I found was that everyone has a different fucking opinion. So I guess the Girl Next Door can be anything you want her to be.

Well, if Karen Dreams can be anything I want her to be, I’d make her a sex starved nympho that has 100s of super sexy friends. That would be a good start!


Kaley Kennedy in StockingsKaley Kennedy's round juicy ass

I don’t know what the hell it is about stockings but god damn do they accentuate a girls butt. Now if you take a sexy teen like Kaley Kennedy who has a perfect juicy ass and put her in a pair of stockings… OMG. One of these weeks I think I will have a stockings and ass competition – line up all the web girls that wear stockings and put them side by side. That would be fucking hot.

If you can look at this gallery of Kaley Kennedy and not get a boner you are gay. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay, you are just reading the wrong blog. Now, if you are at the right place you have probably already went for the lube.

While I was surfing around the internet today, I came across this really hot college website that has tons of incredible College Babes and I think that you guys will love it. While you are there make sure and check out the gallery of Just Legal Babes and take a look at there amazingly Nice Tits!!

Gallery Link: Kaley Kennedy in Stockings Flaunting Her Jucy Ass.

Fully nude gallery of Ashley LightspeedFull nude gallery of Ashley Lightspeed

Today I have a fully new gallery of Ashley Lightspeed who is one of the Lightspeed girls. The Lightspeed girls have that average girl next door look. In the case of Ashley well at first glance she looks like a total nerd. But with Ashley you have to take a second look. If you take a third look you’ll get hard. Mark my word, she is the ugly duckling that will grow up to be a beautiful swan. Yeah, Ashley Lightspeed looks a little awkward but look at her body. If you wouldn’t hit that then you are a total lying sack of shit. She has a nice body and I bet in a few years she will be smoking hot when she outgrows the dorky look and takes off those stupid looking glasses.

Girls Like Ashley Lightspeed are absolutely great because they often get looked over and they are just as horny and slutty as any other girl. They are the best fuck in the world because they aren’t spoiled little bitches. They want to get fucked but guys always overlook them so when they do get an opportunity they fuck you like a machine.

Gallery Link: Ashley Lightspeed strips off panties and bra.