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All posts in September, 2007

Melissa Midwest Getting Freeky in the firehouse

ALERT!!! Melissa Midwest does her first hardcore scene!

Yep, I new it was bound to happen. She is being kinda stingy with the pics so far but you can get a free glimpse at her site Melissa Midwest. It’s damn hot seeing Melissa Midwest sucking and fucking a cock. Props to Melissa! She has always been one of my favorites.

As you will see in the gallery above Melissa Midwest is getting naughty at the fire department. And the fire department is exactally what you will need after seeing Melissa Midwest’s hard core videos.

Bonus Movie Gallery:

Sexy Melissa Midwest Gets Naughty in the Firehouse


As of Oct 14, 2011 we are being told that Melissa Midwest is closing down her site and will no longer be updating. Sorry folks!

slutty school girl Lindsay

There is a new site on the web called The Wet Peach and let me say I am VERY impressed. The site is run by three guys that are very good at what they do and put a lot of effort into their work. They have some of the mosthot young sluts that you will find any place on the web. I have a feeling this site will be around for quite a while and I look forward to sharing with you guys and gals all the new pics and videos as they come out.

The sexy girl in pigtails is Lindsay and she is a total fucking knockout. She is the ultimate school girl fantasy. The girls at The Wet Peach are not just non-nude teases – they get fully nude, show their shaved pussies, and totally make out with each other. Lots of steamy girl on girl action at The Wet Peach. I’m gonna give this site two thumbs up.

Make sure and have a look at the galleries of Lindsay and notice how much of a pro this girl is. Lindsay has little bitty tits that are very sexy on her. I’d say her best feature is definitely her beautiful face – which would look great with her lips wrapped around your cock. Coming in a close second is her tight tinny ass that she loves to wave around infront of the camera.

Bonus Movie Gallery:

Sexy Blond Lindsay Parties Topless for the Camera

I don’t know where the hell “Booty Camp” is but I want to go! This is a rear view pictue of the new girl Sweet Adri Sweet Adri is one of Melissa Midwest’s friends and they work on their sites together. They also get naked together and play with each other.

Sweet Adri just like Melissa puts on great web cam shows. I know because I watch ’em all. They are great! It’s especially good when Adri and Melissa do a show together because together they are the pussy dream team. If Adri turns you on check out her site and have a look at the other free pics on her site.

Bonus Movie Galleries:
Melissa Midwest and Sweet Adri strip down to their “booty shorts”

So we have a new video sample from Nuibles with a firm bodied brunette in pink panties. And she does exactally what the girls at Nubiles do, she Masturbates with a pocket rocket. If you like a wide variety of different girls and haven’t a favorite Nubiles is a great site – it is probably on of the largest teen sites on the net. They have something like over 300 models that are shot exclusively. And if you like masturbation videos of nubile girls then you will love this site. There are enough masturbation videos to keep you busy for a long long time.

Can you imagine working at Nubiles? What a kick ass job that would be. All you would do is scout for hot sexy girls that just turned 18 and get them on video. That would be the life.

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted a gallery of Abigail 18 and let me say, I forgot how sexy this brunette girl is. There is something classy about a completely nude brunette with a tight body. Abigail 18’s pics are all nude! This girl is no tease. Abigail 18 just graduated from high school and she is trying to figure out where to go to college. This is her first site and she seems to be a natural at taking it all off. I wonder if she will actually go to college or maybe she will just go further in porn. Only time will tell. We will support her decision either way.

In this photo shoot Abigial 18 and one of her best friends get naked and play with each other. As if one completely naked eighteen year old isn’t hot enough!!!

Abigail 18 is just the kind of girl we like here at Dream 18: young, cute, sexy, and willing to take it all off. Perfect! Enjoy the pictures!

BLACKBERRY BRITTANY topless in panties

When I think of the Netherlands three things come to mind: windmills, good beer, and sexy tall blonds with pigtails. I have a perfect vacation fantasy in my head that starts with me strolling around the countryside in the Netherlands checking out windmills when I happen upon a girl that looks like Blackberry Brittany in the photo above. Because this is my fantasy she would offer me a beer and obviously be topless while wearing skimpy panties. After a few good Dutch beers my fantasy would progress to doggy style sex while playfully pulling her pigtails.

Blackberry Brittany has blue eyes and her long blond hair is all natural. Her fine tits are natural as well. One of the great things I’ve noticed about the Dutch girls is that they don’t have all the tattoos, piercings, and fake tits that the American girls do. I find the clean look to be very refreshing and sexy. Tattoos and piercings are so common that by not having them a girl stands out from the crowd. If you don’t have a cash to visit Holland and the idea of Pigtailed Duch Girls gets you stiff, then you might want to have a look at Blackberry Brittany’s site.

Girl With Perfect Tits

Thank god for bad parents, otherwise we wouldn’t have strippers! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, sometimes all a guy wants is a naughty slut. Innocent and cute are great (especially for showing mom) but every normal guy has something biologically programed into his brain that desires a sluty stripper from time to time.

Essential clothing for that slutty stripper look is anything that looks like a fish net. Bonus points for neon fish net stockings. Naughty Girl Sandy here looks like she just got done swinging on a stripper pole and is about to give you a fully nude lap dance. From the looks of her pics I’d say that Naughty Girls Sandy probably is a stripper when she isn’t getting completely naked for the camera. The Playboy belt buckle and fish net top are very authentic!

In all honesty I think joining a site like Naughty Girl Sandy is a much better deal than a lap dance. $24 is only going to get you a few minutes with a slutty stripper and that doesn’t include the price of cover and drinks. But $24 does get you a months access to her site where you can actually jerk off and not just get horny as hell. Check it out net time you are in the slutty stripper mood.

***Update Aug 24, 2008*** Naught Girl Sandy No longer has a website.

Planet Summer nude

Gallery Link: Sexy Planet Summer in Short Shorts

Check out Planet Summer’s Short Shorts!!! It looks like she put quite a bit of effort cutting them just so you can get a good glimpse of her ass cheeks and the underwear covering her pussy. Planet Summer is 18 years old, 5’3, and 110 lbs. So for those of you visiting form outside the US that means she is 162 cm. Little girls are great because the make your dick look bigger!

A lot of girls think they have to have a dark tan to be sexy, but light skinned girls can be just as hot. they tend to blush a lot easier and there is just something about a blushing girl that gets me hard. You can also smack their ass and see your hand print. And you know they aren’t spending all their time in a tanning bed, so when they get older thy are not gonna look like a worn out leather handbag. Don’t over look the light skinned girls!!!

If you look at the gallery you will notice that Planet Summer has this odd two-tone hair coloring. I’m guessing she is a natural blond, considering her skin coloring, and she dyed the end of her hair dark. It’s kind of a reverse of how trashy brunettes that dye their hair blond and then let their roots grow out. It’s strange, but Summer seems to pull it off.

Dick tease warning: Summer’s site is non-nude, but she does get dam close to being nude. If she does take it all off, you will here about it here first.

Update: Summer goes nude. You heard it here first!

Banana Brandi taking of panties

Good news, good news: Banna Brandi is now going completely nude! Inside of her site there are now pictures of her tight virginal pussy. The only thing sexier is the videos of this girl taking it all off. She is a natural tease, but she does deliver.

Banna Brandi is a very innocent (looking) sexy girl with metric ass load of very revealing outfits. At Banna Brandi’s site she writes in a personal blog and she talks about how she got excited and wet the first time she took off all her clothes for the camera. It’s a good read. If you join her site you can make requests for what she wears for photo shoots or maybe I should say, what she takes off.

Banna Brandi has a sensual beauty that grows on you. The more you look at her body the more sexy you realize she is. Her ass is beautifully round and you just want to grab a hold of it. She has very nice sized natural tits that are begging for you to play with and suck on. And her nipples always look hard. Don’t you just love hard nipples? Nipples that are aching for you to flick with your tongue. Banna Brandi is ripe and sexy!!