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sexy teen in skirt

Ok, this is a really hot pic of Naughty Girl Sandy. Her flat stomach is so sexy! If you check out the entire gallery you will notice that Naughty Girl Sany is completely nude in one shot and in several shots you get a great view of her totaly bare breasts. Naught Girl Sandy does have some very nice tits.

I love how her tee shirt says, “Corrupt Me”, as if she needs any help! She didn’t get the nick name Naughty Girl for nothing! The gossip going around is that she has been very naughty and started doing a little hardcore stuff. I’m still trying to confirm this and find pictues. As soon as I do I’ll post ’em here. In the mean time, enjoy this great gallery of Naughty Girl Sandy!

***Update Aug 24, 2008**** Naught Girl Sandy got fat and closed her website. Plenty of new girls….

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted one of the Spice Girls. I guess it’s time to warm things up with a little Latina “Spice”. This beautiful Latina who we have seen before is Selena Spice. Selena has one hell of a thick ass. Not a fat ass, there is no fat on Selena Spice’s booty, it is just thick and muscular. Your typical “Latina booty”!

There is something about the winter time that just makes me crazy for Latina chicks. Their warm personalities or the pictures of them on the beach just make my day. I was check out the Spice Girls website and they have a new girl who is really hot. So make sure to check back in a few days because I guarantee that I’ll be posting her pictures. If you can’t wait – then just go to to the website and have a look for yourself.

Selena Spice


Check out these 18 year old tits! Those aren’t huge knockers and they aren’t small – they are damn perfect!. So why do you figure Rachel 18 is typing on her laptop with her beautiful breasts on display? I figure she has a video camera somewhere on that laptop and she is showing off her stuff! And she does have some nice 18 year old stuff!!

I was talking to my buddy the other day about these girls, such as Rachel 18, who take off their clothes and have their own websites and his theory was that they don’t do it so much for the money as they do it for attention and to “show off their stuff”. I have a feeling he is partially correct. I not sure about every girl, but I think Rachel 18 is one of those girls – she has a great body and she wants you to know it! She wants you to want her and she gets off on it.

Rachel 18 is one of the “famous” Lightspeed Girls. Don’t know if you are familiar with the Lightspeed girls, but there are a lot of them. Rachel 18 just happens to be one of my favorite. Make sure and check out the other Lightspeed girls as well.

And since I’m in such a good mode I dug up a few bonus Video Galleries of various Lightspeed girls:
Light Speed TV Video
Light Speed Girls Kissing Girls Video
Light Speed Girl Jordan Capri Video

I figured it was time to post a new Nubiles Video. Nubiles is a great teen mega site. If you don’t have a favorite girl or if you prefer to look at lots of different girls Nubiles would be a good choice. They have lots of content and probably more sexy teen models than any other site. There is a lot to chose from and check out at Nubiles. Enjoy the free movie!

Melissa Midwest web chat

Ohh, this is a great pic of my girl Mellisa Midwest in live chat on her computer. I’ve done the live chat with Melissa Midwest and it’s really cool. You get to see and talk to Mellisa while she is complete naked. It’s one of the great bonus she offers in addition to a huge collection of great pictures and movies.

I just love Melissa because she is such a down to earth chick. She’s not stuck up and she is the kind of girl that you just want to hang out with. She also gives out her instant messenger nick name to her members. She’s a great girl.


As of Oct 14, 2011 we are being told that Melissa Midwest is closing down her site and will no longer be updating. Sorry folks!

Tory Stone teen tits

One of the famous Lightspeed Girls fory you guys and gals: Tori Stone.

One thing I’ve noticed about the Lightspeed girls is that they all have that “girl next door look.” I should say naughty girl next door look. Tori Stone is a fine example of the typical Lightspeed girl. Very cute and beautiful in a natural way, which I personally find to much more appealing than the “Glam” look. The other thing I dig about the Lightspeed girls is that all of them are worth looking at. A lot of big programs usually have one girl who is a star and then a bunch of half-ass girls. This isn’t the case with Lightspeed – all of their girls are well selected.

If you think Tori Stone is cute as hell and you want to see more of her then check out her site or have a look at her DVD. If you decide to Join Tori’s site you will also be able to check out the other Lightspeed girls like Jordan Capri, Tawnee Stone, Rachel 18, and many others. All these girls also have their own DVDs as well. So if you find a Light Speed girl that you think is the bomb remember to check for the DVD.

If the Lightspeed girls are your type of sexy teen, then I’d definitely recommend joining the site or getting a few DVDs. The Lightspeed stuff is all good quality.

Gallery Link: Lightspeed girl Tori stone strips off her .

Banana Brandi tit

It’s been a while a little while since Banna Brandi has graced this website. I think Banna Brandis best feature is her face. She has a very beautiful look that I think will only get better with age. Considering she is eighteen years old now and perfect.

Banana Brandi has curves in all the right places and her bare breasts are very, very nice. In most of her photo shoots she shows off her bare breasts and she usually wears underwear that is just about see through. From what I understand she just did a video for her site where she spreads her legs for the camera. I’ll have to look into that and report back to you guys and girls. I sure would like to get a view of her beautiful teen pussy.

Inside Banna Brandi’s site she keeps a personal blog where you can read all about her life and photo shoots and interact with her. It’s kinda cool, but not as cool as seeing her bare breasts or watching a video of her spreading her legs and revealing her tight teen pussy. Enjoy the free Banna Brandi gallery.

Kathy Ash UpskirtKathy Ash Upskirt

Hear is a girl we haven’t see in a while Elle Hayes.

Elle Hayes is a beautiful blond with a very model like body. There is not an ounce of fat on this girls body. Elle Hayes is fairly new to the teen porn scene. So far she seems to be doing ok. She does look a little nervous in her pictures. I expect good things from this new young blond beauty.

See the picture where she is looking into the camera? You know what Elle is thinking? She is thinking, “Please grab my pigtails, pull off my teenie panties, and fuck me like a wild animal.” Yep, that is what she is thinking. Trust me.

Gallery Link: Georgeous Blond Gives Us a Nice View of her Tits and Panties

Pic of Jenny Reid 18 years oldJenny Reid taking off panties

Check out this stunning beauty: Jenny Reid.

Don’t know if you guy and gals are aware of the Jenny Reid story, but the deal is she had dreams of being a fashion model and the agencies told her she was too short. Jenny figured, what the hell, I’ll just make my own website. I’m glad she did because Jenny is a gem. I look forward to seeing a lot more of this girl in the upcoming months.

Gallery Link: Jenny Reid in School Girl Outfit Showing Off Her Panties

My favorite girl Melissa Midwest has convinced her friend Sweet Adri to make her own site. And I must say Sweet Adri just like Melissa is a total super cutie! Sweet Adri seems to have the same type of friendly and down to earth personality as Melissa Midwest. It makes sense because they are friends.

Sweet Adri is a charming brunet with smile that you will want to see again. Her ass and body are delicious. Adri’s tits are ok – I’d be willing to bet money that in a year or so she gets a boob job. Sweet Adri’s tits aren’t bad – I’d love to get my hands on them, but I think if they had a little lift and and just a tad more size they would be fucking perfect. Just watch – in a year or so when she gets her boobs worked on you heard it hear fist.

Bonus Movie Galleries:
Melissa Midwest and Sweet Adri strip down to their “booty shorts”
Sweet Adri takes off her bikini top at the pool.

Teen With Perfect Tits

This is a great gallery of Naughty Girl Sandy. She stars off in a very skimpy see through pink night gown teasing all of her fans and showing off. Then she slips out of her night gown and shows us her big Naughty Girl tits. She has on pink panties that are also see through. If you look close you can see her landing strip. She must be very horny from all the attention and camera lights because she is sticking her hand in her pink panties and pleasuring herself.

From what I understand, Naughty Girl Sandy has started doing a little hardcore. I’ll have to investigate and see if I can find some links for you guys and gals. In the mean time, you will just have to enjoy this free gallery.

Gallery Link: Naughty Girl Sandy Strips Down to Her Pink Panties and Pleasures Herself.

***Update Aug 24, 2008**** Naughty Girls Sandy no longer has a website. There are plenty of new girls out that look better!!!

There are two things I like about this picture: 1) There is nothing like a spicy Latina getting naked to warm you up in the middle of winter. 2) Can you say SCHOOL GIRL UNIFORM!

Gallery Link: Hot Latina Selena Spice is a Naughty Schoolgirl

Selena Spice is one of the “spice girls” which is a sexy collection of hot Latinas. I would describe Selena as “robust”. She has one of those booties that Latinas are famous for. Selena isn’t the cutest girl, she isn’t petite, and there is nothing innocent about her. Selena Spice has a gritty, aggressive sensuality that is hot. She is naughty, unapologetic and she needs a good hard fuck.

Check out her site if you want to see more:

Selena Spice

Brandy Didder Topless

Another new gallery from Lightspeed: Brandy Didder.

Gallery Link: Brandy Didder strips off panties and bra.

I guess it’s time I get back to updating this site. Sorry for the time off. I hope you weren’t too starved for fresh teen pussy. Well, to get back into the swing of things I’ve got a great new Gallery of Brandy Didder. Personally, I think Brandy Didder is the sexiest of all the Lightspeed girls – they have so many to pick from it’s hard to choose. Brandy has a really cute smile and wonder round tits. Would you like to suck and lick on those teen tits? Her young ass is ohhh so nice!

Looking at Brandy Didder I get the feeling that she is always running around topless in her cute little panties. I bet she doesn’t even have normal clothes, but you know what – that is just fine by me. The more Lightspeed girls I see running around in their panties the better.