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All posts in December, 2006

Alison Angel shows us her huge tits

Ok, guys and girls, I have to be honest – I’ve been holding out on you. I’ve had several great sets of Alison Angel on my hard drive for quite some time. I haven’t posted them because the site was new and I was holding out for more surfers before I started showing some of my best pictues. Well, I’ve more of you are starting to show up and I just couldn’t hold back posting about Alison Angel any longer.

I’d have to say that Alison Angel is perfect. I like all shapes and sizes of teens, I don’t have a favorite hair color, I don’t perfer big tits over small tits, I don’t prefer cute over sexy, or naughty over innocent. What I do like, and what I think makes a perfect teen is a great combination of traits that fit well together and add up to more than the sum of body parts. Alison Angel is exact ally that kind of girl – in my opinion. Her large natural brests, cute face, and blond hair are just fantastic.

Perhaps Alison isn’t your idea of perfect, and that’s cool. We all like different things. That is part of the reason I try and post a wide variety of different girls. If there is a specific girl you would like to see or a specific type of teen let me know by sending me feedback. I’ll do my best to keep my surfers happy.

If Alison Angel turns you on like she does me, then let me tell you a little more about her. She does her shots fully nude and yes, there are plenty of pussy shots. There are also some very hot shower scenes. Alison works very hard to keep her surfers happy and she replies to posts in her members section. She also keeps the site regularly updated with fresh content. If this sounds apealling, then check out her site to see more Alison Angel ,

Melissa Midwest farmer girl

This is exactaly what I want for Christmas! I want to open a big present and have Melissa Midwest jump out. Melissa would then open the other large present and her sexy brunette friend would jump out. Then I’d kick back and watch Melissa Midwest and Her sexy brunet friend kiss each other and frolic and with all the Christmas ordainments. They would play silly games like sticking the Christmas lights near their pussys and wrap themselves in garland trying to cover their deliciously sexy breasts. Of course the garland would do a very lousy job of covering up their naughty bits and I’d get many glimpses of their nipples and juicy pussies.

Of course the frolicking and girl kissing would turn into to some more serious girl on girl action as the hormones started to flow. Melissa Midwest and her friend would put aside the the decorations and unwrap the dildo that Santa left. The girls would finger each other and start using the dido on their horny pussies. At some point the sexy young looking brunette would lick Melissa Midwest’s pussy and Melissa would moan as the waves of pleasure shot through her body.

Sooner or later the girls would grow tired of playing with each other and the toys and they would want a real cock. Good thing I’d be ready and hard by this time to give each girl the attention they need.

That is how my Christmas fantasy with Melissa Midwest would START – it would get a lot better from there, but I’ll let you come up with your own fantasy at this point. I may have to see if Melissa can arrange something like this on her web cam!

Make sure and check out her site: Melissa Midwest


As of Oct 14, 2011 we are being told that Melissa Midwest is closing down her site and will no longer be updating. Sorry folks!

Pic of XXX Raimifrom Lightspeed GirlsLight Speed Girl XXX Raimi show us her pussy

I’ve been posting a lot of non-nude girls lately and I thought it was time to fix that with a girl that like to get full on naughty: XXX Raimi.

XXX Raimi is one of the famous Lightspeed girls and like most of the other Lightspeed girls she has that naughty girl next door thing going on. Except XXX Rammi is a little different than most of the Lightspeed girls – she likes to get very naughty and do some fairly hardcore acts for the camera. She has no problem showing her pink pussy for the camera and there are plenty of videos where you can get a good view of XXX Raimi’s tight pussy.

You get to see a lot more than just her tight pussy though – she really isn’t afraid to do much of anything. She totally makes out with the other Lightspeed girls. She plays with dildos by herself and with the other girls like Jordan Capri and Rachel 18. XXX Rammi even get down and dirty with a few guys and sucks their cock and more. If you are looking for something a little more than just sexy teens that like to tease then XXX Raimi might just be your girl.

Since XXX Raimi is part of the Lightspeed Network you get to pick out 10 other girls to check out as well. The Lightspeed site is fairly expensive at $29, but if you consider that you get to jerk off to 10 other sites then it becomes a very good deal. If you are not sure then have a look at all the different girls that are in the Lightspeed network and see if they are your type. If you can find 10 that you think are hot – then you will most likely be very happy with your purchase. It the Lightspeed girls aren’t your style, have no fear as I’ll be posting plenty of other hot sexy teens in the near future for you to check out.

Gallery Link: XXX Raimi Spreading Her Legs For the Camera

Pic of Jenny Reid 18 years oldJenny Reid taking off panties

Check out this stunning beauty I just found: Jenny Reid.

I love running a teen blog because it gives me an excuse to search the web for the latest beautiful teens. I’m always stoked when I find a fresh new beauty like Jenny Reid! Jenny wanted to be a fashion model but they told her she was too short. So instead of giving up she opened up her own site as soon as she turned 18. I’m really glad she did and I think her site will do very well. The fashion execs lost out on this deal.

Jenny Reid has a great mix of young innocence and naughtiness that just go great together. She has a naturally beautiful face that compliments her petite and sexy teen body. She most definitely does not have big tits, hell she hardly has any tits, but I don’t think that detracts from her beauty one bit. I don’t think sexiness comes in a particular shape or size and little bitty tits can definitely be sexy.

I looked through quite a few of Jenny’s photo sets and she is always wearing very cute clothes that add to her “innocent” and cute look. The pink polka dotted panties are a perfect example – they totally virginal looking panties. Yet, notice how she has a playboy bunny tattooed on her stomach? She is telling us that she likes to play innocent but she is really a naughty girl. This combination works very well for her and I think it is hot as hell.

Jenny Reid’s site is non-nude for now, but my guess is that she will eventually take off more of her clothes and perhaps masturbate and makeout with other girls as she gets more comfortable – maybe by the time she turns 19. Her site is hosted by a network called “Babes Bank” so if you join her site you can also check out several other girls as well.

Gallery Link: 18 Year Old Jenny Undressing Outdoors.

Teen Dream Elle HayesElle Hayes

Good day teen porn surfers, for todays update I present: Elle Hayes.

Elle Hayes is a beautiful blond teen with long sexy legs and a great set of perky teen tits. I love this shot where Elle Hayes is taking off her jeans. There is just something very hot about watching a hot teen slip out of her jeans! I think pictures of girls actually getting undressed can be as hot as completely nude teen pics. It gets even hotter when you can see her virginal undies and watch her grab and play with her tits. Notic

–elle hayes site appears to be down permanently.


Check out this cute teen flashing and showing us her little perky tits. This blond teen is one of the exclusive models at Teen Dream. If you take a closer look at the gallery you will notice that our teen with perky tits does a lot more than just flash. She just keeps going and takes all her clothes off. After the blond teen with little tits takes off her top she proceeds to completely strip out of her skirt. And to make a perfect gallery she takes off her panties. That is exactly what I would call a teen dream.

Teen Dream is a huge teen site they have over 5,600 teen models to check out. That is a lot of naked teens! Additionally, Teen Dream has over 1000 movies. If you don’t have a favorite teen site or if you don’t know what site to join: Teen Dream would be a great pick.

Gallery link: Teen Dream Girl Flashing and Stripping Completely Nude

Kaley Kennedys in PantiesKaley Kennedys round ass

Another great picture of Kaley Kennedy for you guys and girls.

The more galleries I see of Kaley Kennedy the more I’m starting to really like this girl. Kaley is super sexy 18 year old Italian girl. She has more sexy outfits than any girl I’ve ever seen. The best thing is Kaley Kennedy loves taking off her clothes for the camera. She puts on a great show by slowly teasing and slowly removing her clothes. She definitely knows how to work that sexy Italian body to get us excited. I love the picture where she is teasing us with her perfect teen ass. Also notice how her bra is falling off. The high heals that Kaley Kennedy are wearing also add a great effect. They look a lot like something a stripper would wear. And speaking of stripping, Kaley’s web cam shows are better than being at a strip club. It’s like having a sexy teen stripper in the privacy of your own place.

Gallery Link: 18 year old Kaley Kenned Wearing a Thong.

Banana Brandi topless in panties

I just found this great picture of Banana Brandi in see-through black panties that I think is totally hot. Banana Brandi is such a little cutie. She has great really nice teen tits and great nipples don’t you think? I love how Banana Brandi’s black panties match the color of her hair – it’s a very sexy look. Look closely at the large picture because those panties are basically see-through and you can see her dark pubic hair.

One of the things I love about Banana Brandi is how she is such a great combination of cute and sexy. She sure as hell has the cute and innocent look down, but if you look at the smirk on her face or the glimmer in her eye you get the impression that she is a horny little girl with a wet pussy. You have to wonder why she is named “Banana” Brandi – I have a good idea of what she likes to do with those Bananas. 🙂

Kathy Ash UpskirtRedhead Teen

We haven’t had a Redhead Teen post yet so today I thought I’d fix that. I know some guys have a favorite hair color, but I don’t. I like ’em all. I love blonds and brunettes, but there is just something special about a very sexy Redhead. They are unique, mysterious, and sexy in a very special way. There just aren’t that many sexy redhead teens to choose from so when I find one I feel like I made a major discovery.

This Redhead Teen just happens to be named Ginger Adams. I think “Ginger” is quite fitting for a redhead. This is a real sexy gallery of Ginger and she teases us with her sexy thong. I should say she teases us with her sexy teen ass in a thong – that would be more correct.

I often debate with myself trying to figure out if a sexy ass in thong or a sexy ass in cute panties is hotter. I’ve never been able to figure it out. When I see a sexy ass in a thong I think, yep thongs win. Then I’ll see a perfect sexy ass in panties and I think, nope panties win. It’s a difficult philosophically problem, but one I enjoy.

If you like Redheads or sexy teens in thongs then I would recommend checking out the Ginger Adams website because she is a hottie!

Gallery Link: Reahead Teen Shows her Sexy Ass in a Thong

–Ginger’s site appears to be no longer managed and likely not updated.

Cute Cheerleader

I love my Cheerleader pics! Especially cheerleader pics where the girl is wearing white panties!

I think Rachel 18 sure makes a perfect cheerleader. She reminds me of all those hot cheerleaders I used to check out back when I was in high school. The kind of cheerleader that every guy in school is dying to fuck or just see naked. Lucky for us Rachel 18 is all about letting us see her naked. In this gallery she gives us some good tease shots and a good look at her white panties, but she doesn’t take it all off. Isn’t that frustrating? Well, Rachel 18 does eventually take it all off and she strips right out of those white panties. If you want to see the pics of Rachel 18 completely naked you can check out some of my older Rachel 18 posts to get a good idea of how incredible her teen body is. She is just fucking sexy in every way. She has great perky teen tits, lovely nipples and a tight teen ass.

I’m not sure if Rachel 18 is still 18 years old or if she is 19 years old, but she definitely has that innocent teen look. I was checking out the Rachel 18 site earlier and there are some really great pictures of her! If you like nipples you will love Rachel 18 teen nipples. If you like looking at perky tits, you will love Rachel 18’s perky tits. If you like a sexy teen ass in white panties you will love Rachel 18. If you like to see sexy white panties being pulled off – you will love Rachel 18. Get the idea?

Rachel 18 is one of the Lightspeed girls – and they a fairly good deal going on if you join one of their websites – they let you pick out 10 girls (yes 10 girls) sites to check out. If you stay a member of the Lightspeed sites they let you pick different girls each month. It’s a good deal – especially if you are into the innocent teen look. All the Lightspeed girls have have the young, cute, and innocent thing going on. But don’t let “innocent look” confuse you into thinking these girls don’t take it all off. The Lightspeed girls are not camera shy!