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All posts in November, 2006

Kates Playground

For today’s update I present a sexy gallery of the ever famous Kate Playground

If you are not familiar with Kate’s Playground, then you must have been living under a rock for the last few years. Kate opened her sexy teen website a few years back and has hence become quite the internet legend amongst sexy teen model websites. In that time Kate has gone from a sexy teen to a full grown beautiful woman. I’d say she is getting close to being a glamor model with a home grown look. Over the years Kate has blessed us with many pictures of her fabulous body. Just look at her body – it is almost flawless. She has perfect tits, a tight flat stomach, and one hell of a luscious ass. Kate has long sexy legs that are statuesque!

The only irritating thing about Kate’s Playground is that she sticks to non-nude photos. I’m so dying to see her completely naked. My hunch is that she is holding off for just the right time and then she will show all. However, that is not to say that her pictures are not absolutely hot – Kate non-nude is a lot more sexy than most girls completely nude. Not to mention that saying her pictures are non-nude is kind of not true as Kate makes sure to “accidentally” show us her nipples from time to time. From what I can tell Kate has near perfect nipples. Aside from the occasional nipple slip Kate always manages to wear panties that are so tight and thin that for all practical purposes you can see her tight pussy.

If you haven’t seen Kate’s Playground yet there is still time to catch the act. Kate is as hot as ever and she is still releasing regular photo updates. So check out her site to see a lot more photos and to get caught up on all the old ones you have missed.

Gallery Link: Kate Playground Dressed as a Naughty Nurse

Kathy Ash UpskirtKathy Ash Upskirt

I love days where I stumble upon a new girl that I really like. Today I just found: Kathy Ash.

Kathy Ash is a totally hot blond teen. I’m totally loving this girls body. If you haven’t figured it out, I don’t really have a favorite type – I like all girls and all different types of bodies. That is probably why I run this website featuring sexy teen girls. I just love it when I find a great pic or great new sexy teen and I love to share it with you guys and girls. Today I found this great upskirt shot of Kathy Ash and though: this picture is going on the site.

Kathy Ash is a total doll. Her teen body has curves in all the right places and she is very much a natural blond. I wonder if her pubic hair is blond? I bet she is totally shaved and has a nice bald pussy. Her tits aren’t huge, but they definitely aren’t small. Personally, I think Kathy Ash has perfect tits. Inside of her site she has no problems showing her bare tits, but she is a little shy about showing her pussy. Kathy does give us plenty of panty peaks and a lot of upskirt views to get an real good idea of what her sweet teen pussy is like.

Kathy Ash is friends with Karen Dreams (another teen hotty that I feature hear a lot) and I’m guessing that is where she got the idea to make a website and take her clothes off. If you check out the Kathy Ash tour there is a link to the forums where you can introduce yourself to Kathy and talk with her.

I have a strong feeling I’ll be posting a lot more Kathy Ash pictues in the future, because I really like this blond teen. Hopefully, I can find some more good upskirt photos.

Gallery Link: Georgeous Blond Gives Us a Nice Upskirt View

Planet Summer round ass

Another brand new girl for you guys and girls:
Planet Summer

Planet Summer is a sexy cute blond. She has a very thin body and small but nicely shaped tits. I believe that Planet Summer is 19 years old. She definitely looks 18 or 19. She is a total tease and likes to play bad girl. In this photo Planet Summer is dressed as a stripper. Check out the bills in Summer’s garter bands – those look like $100 bills. I guess Planet Summer is giving us the hint that she isn’t cheap.

As cute and sexy as Planet Summer is, she doesn’t do all nude shots. She is definitely pussy shy. But Summer does show us enough skin to get the job done. And many times when she is covering up her teen tits she misses a little and lets a little nipple show. You have to love those nipple slip shots. Nothing as fine as an unexpected nipple. Planet Summer does know how tease. Check out the Planet Summer site if you think she is hot. They have a lot more pictures and videos there.

Gallery Link: Planet Summer Pretending to be a Stripper.

I have another great gallery of Kelli Young.

Kelli young will always be on of my favorite girls. She has nice round tits and a really firm ass. I love Kelli Young’s great ass and she sure knows how to show it off. Her tits aren’t huge, but they are nice sized and they are natural. But the best think about Kelli Young is how beautiful she is. I love her smiling face.

If Kelli Young turns you on as much as she does me, make sure and check out her site!

Ronni Tuscadero

Another brand new Lightspeed girl: Ronni Tuscasero

I sure hope this girl is Italian with a name like Ronni Tuscadero! Ronni is another one of the famous Lightspeed girls. The lightspeed website is really cool because if you join you can choose up to 10 different girls to check out. And every month you can repic – or stay with the same girls if you are happy. Ronni Tuscadero is one of the girls I’d pick because she has that young innocent look, but at the same time she is definitely not camera shy! When I was looking through the Ronni Tuscadero I noticed there were lots of pictures of her pink pussy.

In addition to showing off her pink beautiful pussy, Ronni loves to masturbate and play with her friends. There are many pictures and videos of her getting busy and fooling around with the other Lightspeed girls. If you like girl on girl action then take the free tour of Ronni Tuscadero’s site and make sure and check out the other Lightspeed girls while you are there.

Gallery Link: Ronni Tuscadero Gets Naughty Playing With Her Girlfriend


Another great photo of Jessica from Total Super Cuties. Total Super Cuties

There is no better way to describe Jessica from Total Super Cuties than “Totally Super Cute”. In this great gallery Jessica is taking off her sweater and we find that she doesn’t have a bra on. What a bad girl. When Jessica gets her bra off we can see her little teen tits. Jessica is also checking out her own body in the mirror as she strips off her clothes. After she gets her sweater off and reveals her little teen tits she starts taking off her jeans. And surprise, surprise she isn’t wearing any panties either! She slowly removes her jeans and lets us get a great look at her round teen ass. As round teen asses go, Jessica has a great one. She keeps taking off her jeans and bending over in various positions so we can get a better view of her round teen ass. We can also see a great shot of her round teen ass in the mirror. As she keeps taking off her pants we can see a shot of her teen pussy. She has a very nice completely shaved teen pussy. It’s a teen pussy that you just want to lick and touch. I don’t know about you, but I like to see my teen pussy complete shaved. There is nothing quite as nice as bald teen pussy.

Another great video from Nubiles.

This video is of a sexy blond teen stripping off her shirt and showing us her perky teen tits. Nubiles has a lot of girls that look like this and they are definitely not shy about taking off their clothes. I don’t know about you but I love these Nubile videos. I wish I could post the full length ones and not just samples, but you have to go to the Nubiles site to see that.

Nubiles is the ultimate teen mega site. As the name implies, they have a lot of Nubile models. All their girls are very cute and young. If you like your girls Nubile then you should definitely check out Nubiles!

Cute Nude Teen

A new gallery of Rachel 18. Rachel 18 as her name implies is an 18 year old cutie. If you like your girls that are young and cute you will love Rachel 18. In her site are a lot of pictures and videos of her getting completely naked and showing off her perky teen tits and tight teen ass. I think Rachel 18 has a beautiful teen body – very frim and tight.

Another think I like about Rachel 18, other than her perky teen tits, are her big brown beautiful eyes. Her face is very cute and she definitely looks like an 18 year old girl. I also like the fact that Rachel 18 has no problems getting completely nude. She is definitely not shy. There are several pictures of her showing her pink pussy. There are also pictures and videos in her site with her playing and getting really naughty with her friends who are also all young and innocent looking. But from what I can tell they only look young and innocent 18year olds – in reality they are quite naughty girls.

If you think Rachel 18 is as cute and hot as I do, then make sure and check out her site.

Virginal girl in PantiesVirginal Girl Nude

Another photo gallery of one of the Lightspeed girls: Ashley Lightspeed.

Ashley Lightspeed is an innocent looking blond teen that loves to get nude for the camera and play with her girlfriends. I was checking out Ashley Lightspeed’s site today and there are a lot of pictures of her making out with the other Lightspeed girls. All the Lightspeed models have that innocent girl look, but they are far from innocent. In fact most of the Lightspeed girls have no problems showing their pink pussy for the camera. If you like pictures of virginal girls, innocent girs, or girls that like to show their tight pink pussies then you will probably love the Lightspeed sites. There are a lot more pictures and videos of Ashley Lightspeed on her site.

Gallery Link: Ashley Lightspeed Naked in her Bathroom.

Tori Stone PictureTori Stone Picture

I present the girl nex door: Tori Stone.

What is it about the girl next door and why don’t they ever live next door to me? Maybe I need to move so I can have a girl next door? If I did have a girl next door I’d want her to look a lot like Tori Stone!

Tori got the idea to make a naughty website because her sister Tawny Stone had a website (when I get the chance I’ll post some of Tori’s pictures as well). She saw how much fun her sister was having and Tori really liked the idea and was really turned on by getting naked in front of people and striping off her clothes for the camera. So lucky us Tori now has her own website. If you like girls that have the girl next door look than by all means check out Tori Stone’s website because there are a lot more pictures and videos there.

Gallery Link: Tori Stone strips off panties and bra outdoors.

Brandy Didder dressed as a Cheerleader strips nude with friendsCheerleader Brandy Didder undresses with help of naughty friends

Another brand new girl for you guys and girls: Brandy Didder.

This cute looking Cheerleader is one of the newest Lightspeed girls and she is barley 18. If you know about the Lightspeed girls you know they all have an innocent virginal quality. I just got finished looking around Brandy Didder site and she is definitely innocent and virginal. Although Brandy’s site is new there are already a good amount of pictures and videos of her. The pictures and videos are exclusive – you won’t find them anywhere else on the net. Brandy Didder is definitely not pussy shy. She has no qualms about striping completely nude and showing off her pink pussy. And let me tell you Brandy Didder has a beautiful pink pussy.!

For Brandy’s introduction gallery I chose this great cheerleader set. I don’t know about you but I love cheerleader pics. I’m not sure what it is about cheerleaders uniforms but they really turn me on. I love this pic where we have three cheerleaders and they are all getting naked and naughty. Two of the cheerleaders start pulling off Brandy Didder’s top and start feeling her bare breasts. Then they pull down the bottom of Brandy’s Cheerleader outfit and we can see her white virginal panties.

Gallery Link: Cheerleader Brandy Didder undresses with help of naughty friends

Kaley Kennedys in PantiesKaley Kennedys round ass

Another brand new girl for you guys and girls: Kaley Kennedy. Kaley is a sexy young teen with a real naughty side. She recently turned 18 and started her website and so far it looks real good. Kaley Kennedy is Italian and I don’t know if you have ever dated an Italian girl but they are always horny. It must be something in their genetics. From looking at Kaley’s pictures I can tell that she really gets off on getting naked on camera. I bet she is always horny and naughty. In this gallery Kaley is posing in her pink bra and panties. Then she starts teasing the camera and taking off the bra. A few more shots and we find Kaley Kenedy bending over a chair showing her plumb ass. If you like horny Itialn girls I’m sure you will love Kaley Kennedy’s site. She has regular updates of photos and vidoes she even has a webcam. The pictures on her site get a lot more explicit and she shows a lot more nudity. She also puts on a really hot web cam show.

Gallery Link: Kaley Kennedy strips off panties and bra.

Melissa Midwest farmer girl

I don’t think I can go a week without posting about Melissa Midwest. To be honest I can’t go a day without checking out her website: Melissa Midwest. I was surfing there today and found this great picture of her acting like a farmer girl. The gallery was so hot I just had to post it. I think we have all had the fantasy of rolling in the hay with a beautiful county girl – well at least I have. This picture of Melissa Midwest is exactly how the fantasy starts in my mind. A beautiful young blond is all hot and sweaty from working outside. To relieve herself from the heat she has to unbutton her skimpy cutoff jeans. Of course the beautiful farm girl has been thinking about sex all day and is now quite horny. She starts teasing me by pushing up her t-shirt around her full and beautiful breasts. Then she rolls down the top of her skimpy cutoff jeans allowing me to get a great view of her tight stomach. Her pussy is aching for some attention and she asks me to go in the barn to get out of the heat. That is how my fantasy starts. I’m sure you can guess how it ends.

Melissa Midwest may be from Nebraska, but I’m not buying the farm girl bit. I’m sure she can operate her webcam and laptop very competently, but I doubt she could even start that tractor. She is a sexy and beautiful girl that loves to get completely naked on her website not a farm babe. But if she wants to play farm babe that is just fine by me. In fact, that is one of the things I really like about Melissa Midwest – she is always doing new and creative photo shoots. Keep up the good work Melissa!

A new update of True Tere. True Tere has to be one of the youngest and cutest teens latina teen on the net. True Tere is brand new to modeling, but I have big expectations for her. She is still doing all her shots non-nude or semi-nude. I’m sure in time she will warm up to the camera and reveal all. As beautiful as True Tere is I think she is worth waiting to see. And to be honest the semi-nude pics of her are great and for me they do the job. True Tere has a very refined look about her that I think will age quite nicely. In the mean time her youthful look is exquisite. She has perky teen tits and a tight little teen ass. In this gallery she is showering in what looks like boys underwear. It’s probably something that turns her on. After she is all wet from the shower she starts playing in the tub and we see some very steamy Shots. It looks like she forgot to take off her panties before she got in the watter. Her wet panties become see through panties. If you enjoy these pics check out her private site because there are many more pics and videos which are all hot.

Another great gallery of Kerri Sweets. Kerri is a petite teen with a beautiful smile, bedroom eyes, and one hell of a hard body. In this gallery Kerri is posing in various sexy positions on her bed. She teases us by pretending to taking off her bra. Then she bends over and shows us her tight teen ass. And if there is anything Kerri Sweets has that is absolutely amazing it is her nice round ass. The panties that she has on really highlight her young sensual curves. And before I forget Kerri Sweets also have very perky tits that are delicious. The kind of tits you just want to cup your hands around and lick on till the nipples get hard. If you like this gallery you should check your the official Kerri Sweets posing in sexy nightgown on her bed


Jessica is a fresh new girl from Russian featured at Total Super Cuties. She is a real beautiful 18 year old brunette. Jessica has a skinny body with a nice round teen ass. I love the look of a full ass on a skinny teen. Jessica is very typical of the girls at Total Super Cuties which are all hot, sexy, and young. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more totally naked pictures of this beautiful teen. Total Super Cuties is a great site because it has a large collection of different girls and they are always adding new talent.

Gallery Link: Jessica shows off her round ass

Karen Dreams big tits

I stopped by the Karen Dreams site today and was I ever pleasantly surprised – Karen got a new set of big round boobs! Karen has a rocking tight teen body and now with the new big tits she looks absolutely stellar. Personally when a lot of girls get boob jobs they tend to go gonzo and make their tits too big. I’m glad Karen Dreams didn’t do that – her new big firm tits are just perfect. I also notice that Karen is starting to reveal a lot more skin in her site. It’s probably because she wants to show off her new big teen tits.

Gallery Link: Karen Dreams girl next door gets undressed.

BLACKBERRY BRITTANY topless in panties

Blackberry Brittany is a 18 year old Dutch Teen. Like most Duch girls she has beautiful blond hair and blue eyes. In these pictures she is wearing a sexy lacy bra and panties. She slowly removes her bra and lets us see her incredible perky teen tits. She doesn’t stop there, she procedes takes off her panties and lets us she her entire body without any clothes. Blackberry Brittany is absoutely beautiful completely naked. Her 18 year old body is stunning. You can see a lot more pictues and read her private diary at her site: Blackberry Brittany.

Gallery Link: 18 Year old Blackberry stripping nude


I’m adding a new sexy latina teen to the line up of girls: Selena Spice. This hot latina is a real beauty with dark flowing hair, big brown eyes, a cute face, and a thick round ass. In this gallery she is rolling around on her bed and taking items of her clothes off. By the time she is done she ends up completely naked and we can see her rich dark tan – a dark tan that only a latina could have.

You can find a lot more pictues of her fully nude at her site Selena Spice.

Gallery Link: Selena Spice undressing on Her Bed

Two Girls Kissing

I hope you guys and girls are having a great weekend. To spice things up a bit I thought I’d post a hot gallery of Naughty Girl sandy Kissing her friend. Naughty Girl Sandy is a 18 year old blond model. If you like sexy blonds you will love this gallery. I really like the pictues where the girls are licking each others breasts and getting really naughty. There are not many things in life I can think of that are much better that 18 year old girls making out. Naughty Girls Sandy is a little shy about showing her pussy or doing anything hard core, but she has no problems getting nude for the camera for showing us her teen breasts. I expect in time she will get a little more adventurous. I figure by the time she is 19 she will be a regular pro.

****Upadate Aug 24, 2008**** Naughty Girl Sandy no longer has a website. She is old news, plenty of new girls out 🙂

I just can’t get enough of these Nubile Videos. I’m having a lot of fun checking out the Nubile’s site and I found this video of a girl with big firm tits jumping up and down on a bed and I figured I just had to share. This one is for you bouncing tit lovers! I think you could make an interesting site all about Bouncing Tits and Bouncing Boobs. I’ll have to add that to my list of projects. I hope you enjoy the free video guys and girls.

Another great video from Nuibles. I hope you guys and gals like these Nubiles videos because I plan on posting more of em. I just discovered the Nubile’s site and I’m amaze at the total amount of young beautiful models they have. Just like the girl we have in this video. Does this girl not have some great round breasts? She looks kind of shy at first, but we see that she has no problems pulling off her panties and showing her teen pussy for the camera. I’m going to have to replay that again and again. I just love watching her rub her breasts.

teen with big tits

Check out this sexy photo set of Naughty Girl sandy wearing stockings and a sexy dress. I think the best pic in the set is the one of her white thong hugging the crack of her firm ass. I think Naughty Girl Sandy is being too much of a tease in these pics – I think she really needs a little cock. I’d love to see that beautiful smile of hers around a fat dick. I also think someone needs to smack her ass, pull down her thong, bend her over, and fuck her from behind. All that long blond hair would make a great handle to hold on to. Naughty Girl Sandy just needs a good fucking.

***Update Aug 24 2008**** Naughty Girls Sandy no longer has a website.

I know you guys and girls will love this video. This Video comes from Nubiles.net If you can’t find one girl that is your favorite and you can never decide which site you should join – well I’d recomend Nubiles because they have a ton of girls to check out. Nubiles has great full length movies and 2 min clips with 640 x 480 screen encoded at 1500 kb/s. Nubiles.net is the webs premiere teen mega site, updating every day with brand new sets (no content recylcing), and every week with brand new girls, there is always something new to check out at Nubiles.net. With as much content as these guys have, you’ll fill up your hard drive before you download it all 🙂

Have a look at this great gallery of Karen Dreams taking off her low rider jeans. I don’t know about you, but I think there is something really hot about a girl who nicely fills out a pair of jeans! Karen Dreams look really hot taking them off – especially when they are half way off and we can see the top half of her butt. And the pic of her laying on the bed in her panties is even better. She definitely has a great firm round butt. Karen Dreams isn’t called Karen Dreams for nothing – she is the girl you dream about. She is also a girl I love to jerk off to. Every time I see a new picture of Karen I’m always amazed at her luscious body. Make sure and check out Karen Dream’s site and have look at the free pictures in her tour.