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All posts in September, 2006

Kelli Young has the best ass on the net. Look at her suck that lollypop, you know what she really wants to be licking on! You know this teen can suck a cock like a pro. I hear that Kelli has one hell of an oral fetish. This teen is so hot I’d drink her bath water. Well, I’d drink her bath water only if I could jump in the tub with her and soap up her firm breasts and rub my hands all over her tight teen body.

—Kelli is too old and no longer being updated. But there are plenty of other gorgeous teens around.

I’ve decided that Kari Sweets isn’t really a girl. She’s an alien from outer space sent to drive men absolutely fucking crazy. She is too perfect to be a real. Kari looks great from any angle: you look at her tits and you think, why don’t all girls have tits like this? You look at her cute face, and think why don’t all girls look this cute? You look at her plump round ass and think, why don’t all girls have a ass like that? You look at her firm body, and think why aren’t all girls this amazingly hot? Take the free tour of her site and tell me I’m wrong! Even if she is a space alien I’d still fuck the hell out of this cute little teen – it would be worth the risk and then some. And believe me, these free pics are nothing compared to what she has in her site!

Melissa Midwest has got to be the hottest chick in Lincoln, Nebraska! Beautifully tan body, great tits and amazing legs that stop at a really good ass. You know every guy in town has a hard-on for this chick. Melissa has been around for a little while and I think she has graduated from cute teen to total sexy babe. I’ll give Melissa credit for always putting 100% into her work and performances. Watching her on live cam and chatting with her is more than worth the price of admission. Melissa really knows how to work it! As a special treat I though I’d post two free videos of Melissa in action.



As of Oct 14, 2011 we are being told that Melissa Midwest is closing down her site and will no longer be updating. Sorry folks!

Now this is the kind of girl you take home to mommy, right after you pull her panties off and fuck her tight little pussy. Emily is a beautiful brunette with playful eyes that you could look into for hours while you lick her firm teen breasts. I’d bet dollars to donuts that Emily 18 warms up as fast as a microwave and gets wet just by whispering dirty things in her ear. Wouldn’t you just love to stick you hands down her panties and feel that warm and wet twat? And something tells me she has an ultra clean pussy that just begs for your tongue.

–Emily is too old and no longer being updated. Plenty of other sexy teens though!